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Information regarding forum login issues

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[old thread - posted like... a really long time ago. Dismiss this. Outdated now...]

Hey everyone!

We are aware that some players have trouble logging into the forums. Since we can't track the origin of the issue at the moment, we suggest that you first try these steps:

a) Before clicking the forum in-game button, delete all the temporary data from your browser (cache / cookies). Make sure to do it without any forum window/tab opened.

b) Try to log in directly from the game or accessing manually though the forum link (and not through the ingame button), make sure you enter the correct data (server, email, password).

c) Try to change the password within the game, wait a few moments and try to access to the forum again. IMPORTANT: Make sure the password doesn't contain special characters.

d) You can also change the game password without logging into the game (button "forgot your password") and then try to access the forum.

e) Some players have reported that they could access the forum using their first ever password (the one they used when they registered in the game). Of course, not all players remember this password and we can not guarantee this will be a solution.
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