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GG Empire TV - Broadcast #1

Brave warriors,

Thank you for watching our yesterday's live broadcast on Twitch, we really enjoyed the direct communication with you. :)

The live broadcast will be available on Twitch for the next 14 days and you can watch it again on demand:

In addition, we also uploaded the recent broadcast to YouTube, where you can check it out at any given time:

Furthermore, due to the high amount of requests during the stream, you can NOW get the "Attack of the Shapeshifters" wallpaper here:


Your Community Team


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    Summary of the Live-Stream about the “Shapeshifter”

    Nina- Head of Studios

    Bruno- Creative Director

    Peter- Art Team Lead

    New Gemsets (project began with it):

    First gem-set:

    Second gem-set:

    What can we expect from the gems?

    • All gems are for PvP (because you can get them in a PvP Event)

    • Completely new, there has never been something comparable to it

    Heroes from the event:

    First hero-set:

    One low-level hero and one high-level hero

    Second hero-set:

    Again one low-level hero and one high-level hero

    Equipmentsets: With this design the idea was created that the Shapeshifter should wear maskes.


    High-Level decoration (dark magic) with strong public order

    Low-Level decoration

    Appearance of the tent of the Shapeshifter-Event:

    Appearance of the castle:

    Difference between the Shapeshifter event and the other events:

    It is a PvP-Event

    Two types of modes: One hardcore-mode and normal-mode

    No consequence if players want to play PvP

    Players do not have the possibility to see, who they are attacking or against they are defending themselves

    Opponent is choosen by the strength of the player

    • A player with legendary level 25 will not come across a player with legendary level 400 for example

    At the beginning of the events the ranking is organized by mightpoints, after that you can rise or fall in the ranking. Every day you get new opponents choosen by the matchmaking system.

    New Shops:

    Two new shops, where you can buy new sets (see heroes and sets from the pages before) and other useful tools.


    Here you can see effects you can enable (it is recommended not to enable all at once, because than it is more like a “Nightmare-Mode” than Hardcore-Mode). Depending on how many effects you have enable, you can get more points (more effects equals more a higher multiplier).

    General Informations:

    • In total there a 5 totems, which you can attack

    • Each totem can be attacked once per day

    • Shapeshifter can be attacked, even if the Shapeshifter has already attacked the player before.

    • You can attack from your Outposts and your main castle.

    • The totems change once per day. Every day you get five new totems.

    Appearance of the attacking setup:

    Battle report received in the normal mode:

    • In the normal mode you cannot lose troops or tools. Depending how good your battle was, you receive more or less points.

    • 280 Insignas is the average amount of points you get in the normal mode.

    Attack in Hardcore-Mode:

    • On the picture you can partly see, which effect you can enable

    • In this example the wall and gate was increased by 60% and -30% combat strength for melee units was enabled.

    • If an attack is started in the Hardcore-Mode, players get a warning, that they are going to start the attack in Hardcore-Mode

    This is because players can actually lose troops and tools in the Hardcore-Mode, while you cannot lose anything in the normal mode.

    • In the spionage report players are able to see to see the effects, which they have enabled in the tent before.

    Higher wall and gate value, less combat strength for melee units

    Battle report after playing in Hardcore-Mode:

    • Player lost 1087 troops, because it was played in the Hardcore-Mode

    • Received 619 Insignas (players receive more Insignas in the Hardcore-Mode than in the normal mode)

    Appearance of the own defence:

    More questions about the shapeshifters and others:

    Why should players be motivated to defend?

    • Depending how good the defence was, the attacker gets more or less points. If the defence is extremely good, the attacker does not receive many points.

    Can you lose honour?

    • You cannot lose or receive honour

    Where is the event taking place (kingdom)?

    • In the normal kingdom (Green)

    Can you loot ressources?

    • No, it is not possible to loot any ressources at all.

    Is it going to be part of the LTPE?

    • No

    When will the event be introduced in the game?

    • In the Browserversion the event will be introduced in December (in E4K for January).

    Do you have any losses as defender?

    • No, neither in Hardcore-Mode or in normal mode

    Is it an one man event or an alliance event?

    • It is more an one man event. Alliance support does not count in the defence. If the alliance sends troops for defence they are not calculated into the defence.

    Does the alliance see, if a player gets attacked?

    • No, the alliance will not see any horn.

    Is there the possibility, that you attack your own alliance members?

    • Yes, it is possible that you attack one of your own alliance members.

    Does the event run alone or parallel with other events?

    • The event will run parallel to other events.

    More questions/ Informations (not complete):

    • What about the alliance city tournament? The aim is to bring it back again but for this it needs to be re-designed.

    • New troops will be available next year.

    • The aim is to make PvP stronger next year.

    • There will be an update on the storm island.

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