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I was busy pouting about being banned from the forum and I felt inspired to write this. I don't even remember most of what I wrote, but I'm going to post it on the forum anyway.

Hello dear imaginary reader - I’m just going to narcissistically ramble on and on about forum issues that you don’t even care about.

But if you’re actually curious about what happened before and after my main troll account was banned from the forum, here’s my short, yet fully detailed 10 minute story regarding that.

Saturday, August 6th, 2017

Dear reader,

It has now been several months since my Goodgame Empire forum account was banned from the forum. I was logged in to the forum and had my screen on recent EN discussions when the ban was issued and the timer set to permanent. As soon as the command to place my account under a ban was inputted into the forum, I felt both peace and curiosity. I wondered what would happen to the forum and what the overall reaction would be. I assumed that someone would post a thread saying they missed me, and I also supposed that eventually I would be replaced by new trolls. After all, every good forum has extremely active trolls like me. Within a minute of my account being placed under a ban, I had messaged a friend of mine named ChampDavid (US1) and asked him to inquire as to why my forum account was placed under a ban. David then messaged board moderator Neroxnex asking about the matter, and Neroxnex promptly replied to David with a paragraph stating that I had been banned for accessing admin-only sections of the restricted zones in the forum and posting in them. David told me what BM Neroxnex had said. Of course, I politely thanked David, but no sooner than my reply was sent to him than I grinned and attempted to stifle my laughter. It was a beautiful plot which I had made, and now I watched it play out perfectly. Alas, I did possess the maturity to realize that everything which was now happening was of my own creation. I had caused this to come about, and I was proud of it. I viewed myself as the star and script writer in this one final act in the grand drama play of the forum. I had already said my goodbyes to everyone on the forum. Yes indeed, I had posted two different goodbye threads on the forum. Both of them were only visible to select users, and both I deleted afterwards, yet I had chosen my last words before my virtual death. I believed that no ending was decent without a goodbye, and I had said my farewell to that horrid place. As I had said in one of my goodbye threads, “I won’t stay aboard a sinking ship,” and I believe that my words were fitting, for the forum was, in fact, merely a sinking ship. Activity rates were at an all-time low, I was dissatisfied with the overall community on the forum, and the entire forum had become worthless and dead. Like a great English mansion, now crumbled and rotting, so was the forum as it lost its last beautiful ivory column at the moment I closed my browser.

I then messaged Coolking4716 and joyously told him that my account had been banned, and I happily the story of how I had been banned for getting into off-limits sections of the forum. Such would be my legacy, I believed. My friend Neroxnex would tell that beautiful truth to everyone who inquired as to my absence, and I would be forever remembered as a glorious statue of myself upon my self-made virtual monument. I would be remembered as an intelligent hacker who had broken into the forum’s admin section to free the forum of biased moderating and tyranny. People would respect me for my accomplishment and would always have eternal regard for me. Now, looking back, I suppose that I got what I wanted – yet it was not so grand as I had imagined.

In truth, I had in fact been able to access certain admin-only functions and was able to do a few things that required administrator rights. Saying that I was banned for that was the truth, despite what random strangers on the forum claim. Yet this was only the beginning; at this time, I was able to take only a couple of administrator actions. I would soon be able to do so many more. In fact, just before I started writing this tonight, I found out how to delete entire forum accounts without even having any form of moderator rights at all. I had always wanted to be able to do that, and now I finally can. I might even plan on deleting my own Graycat (US1) forum account in the future.

No one ever asked me about how I hacked the forum though, or even what I had used to do it. I wasn’t really sure if people believed the story of why I had been banned. I wasn’t even sure if anyone cared. Looking back, probably only a few were even curious about it.

Had you been observant, you would have seen that my “last login” time on my profile changed several times after I was banned. My ban date was April 5th at 8:38 PM, and my last login date was April 12th. There is no point as to me mentioning this, but I had thought that someone would have brought it up. No one ever even noticed it.

April 6th or whatever date it was, a mentally challenged player named Loski (Asia1,) who is extremely narcissistic and very bad at the game, posted a thread on the forum saying that he was glad that he was “glad that I was finally banned.” A couple of other narcissistic pigs “liked” his thread because they had deep psychological issues, but other people took to the thread saying that they missed me and that I was extremely funny and nice and all that other stuff. They all talked on that thread about how they felt, saying that they hoped I wasn’t permanently banned, even though I was, and they could’ve just asked me if they wanted to know. Many of them said nice things about me. But you know, there was a person who didn’t post on that thread, and instead she messaged. You know, messages are just so much more personal than posts on a forum. Back in the good old days, people would send me in game messages all the time saying that they loved my content and my sense of humor and they would ask for screenshots and details of the next update even before anything about it had even been posted on the forum. This is quite similar to the way things are in real life now too: back in the good old days, people would always say things to each other in person; but now, people just talk about each other on social media and never really have a real in-person conversation. The parallel is quite noticeable.

Moving on though, as soon as Loski had posted his forum thread saying that he was glad that I got banned, I made a new forum account named after the main character in an far-right anime and posted “something tells me that the ban isn’t permanent though.” Of course, that forum account was promptly banned and deleted by some other moderator. Meanwhile, I was happily enthralled with re-watching some of my favorite far-right conservative Christian anime seasons. And yes, “far-right conservative christian” is an anime genera, although it isn’t popular at all. Feminists and liberal lunatics hate it because it portrays men as brave, heroic, moral, and all that other stuff that men actually are, while making women look weak and helpless. Also in alt-right anime, all of the trans/queer people always get killed off very dramatically, and I don’t think that the social justice warriors like that very much.

Afterwards, I trolled a few autistic sjws on Youtube and found a good historical fiction movie to watch. There were lots of liberals and Nazis getting killed off in the film, so I liked it, because liberals and Nazis are really bad people.

One morning later that week I made yet another forum account called Greycat (GB1) and decided to post on Loski’s forum thread in order to tell everyone about how CM Ilcorsaro had banned me for posting “hi” in an admin-only section of the forum that he didn’t want me in. I called it “hacking,” even though I don’t know the first thing about hacking to be honest. All I was doing was exploiting bugs in the forum. BM Ang1243 didn’t do anything about my Greycat forum account even though he noticed it, but late that afternoon, my dear friend BM Neroxnex banned the Greycat account because CM Ilcorsaro told him to. CM Ilcorsaro is honestly too good to do anything himself, so he always posts in the admin-chat and tells the moderators like Ang & Neroxnex to close certain threads, ban users, and all that other stuff. It gives him a false sense of power to order them around, and his favorite thing to do is tell them to ban people for insignificant reasons, like exploiting forum bugs and posting the word “hi” where one ought not to.

BM Ang promised me that I would get IP banned if I made another forum account, so I made another forum account named Gray Cat. However, it was simply banned and I never got IP banned. I was disappointed, and I don’t like lies, so I torched BM Ang’s game account. He was in one of the top alliances on GB1, but I looted his castles and outposts many, many times with destroyer commanders and sent the screenshots to all of my friends. When it was all said and done, every building that Ang owned on his account was burning with 100% damage. Ang was and still is an extremely powerful ruby buyer, and back then I was only level 49, but I totally rekt Ang. I even resource and espionage spammed his in game inbox every night when he was offline to make him mad. He sent me a screenshot of a cat locked in an empty washing machine. I don’t know why though. I guess Ang supports animal cruelty.

CM Ilcorsaro was incredibly paranoid about me, and that’s the reason for which he originally banned my main account in the first place. You see, he surmised that I had no hacking skills, and thus he correctly deduced that I was exploiting the forum using my account to access things which I shouldn’t. However, I had about 15 forum accounts, so I could still play around and continue running experiments on the forum’s command options.

I need to add to the paragraph above and clarify some more false accusations. It would seem that after I was banned, some of my mindless minions took to the forum to post false information about me, and although they had good intentions, they themselves were misinformed. For instance, a man by the name of le8 had to be quickly disposed of both in-forum and later on in-game as well. He had laid out a solid case as to the whole story behind me being banned, and the last thing I wanted was for people to think that I was an all-powerful hacker who could delete anything at will. Le8 pretty much so convinced people that I had banned myself, and anyone would have believed it since he was an insider working for me and had people to back up all of his claims. However, I no longer had any use for Le8, and he was disposed of for not asking permission before telling people that I had banned myself, because I don’t want people to think that I banned myself, because it’s not true.

I’m also going to mention that posting “hi” inside an admin-only part of the forum was not the first time that I had been caught doing shady things. As I said though, in times past, I had displayed some of the more simple things that I could do which require administrator rights. For example, about a month before I got banned, some communist beta-males decided to make a so-called “No Graycat Group” and made it be closed so that those who were not invited could not view its contents. However, I made a great show of trolling their group and showing that I could do anything related to forum groups. A user named Molson Beer (US1) posted in the group asking that the group’s leader kick me out. The No Graycat Group’s leader replied: “I can’t. Graycat is a community manager and has full admin rights over everything on the forum.” I was surprised at this comment, and I wondered what had made them believe that I was a community manager, so I quoted the post and asked. I received a reply stating the following: “Graycat, we knew all along that you could post in our group and stuff. This group was just a test to see if you would abuse your rights and shut us down, or if you would just silently stalk us and try to make us think that you couldn’t do anything. Well, I suppose that you did let us know, but you didn’t shut us down either, so you passed the test, although there were more honorable ways you could have dealt with us than trolling our threads.” Everyone in the group immediately lost it when they read that post, which I have quoted word for word. Clearly these paranoid, delusional lunatics couldn't distinguish between fantasy and reality. The moderators, including CM Ilcorsaro, got a flood of messages demanding that I have my "admin status" taken away because I was abusing it by trolling their hate group. That was a dumb move on their part, and when the moderators messaged me asking why all those over dramatic communists were hallucinating about me literally having admin rights, I simply explained how easy it was to do whatever I wanted on the froum. I decided that I didn’t like the No Graycat Group anymore, because they were all a bunch of crybabies, so group’s founder got a permanent infraction added to his profile and his dumb group was deleted. Please find this last part funny though: before creating that group, they had apparently originally believed that I was a community manager because my signature said ‘community member,’ lol.

Back to where I was in my story though: Neroxnex posted a notice to the admin team telling them to not discuss anything on the forum unless they were fine non-admin players reading it. And why you ask? Because I teamed up with a Greek player and together we spammed the admin only sections of the forum with North Korean propaganda. I had taught my Greek friend how to do all of those fun admin commands on the forum, and he had a blast trolling CM Ilcorsaro. In fact, CM Ilcorsaro was beginning to be sorry that he had banned me. I was enjoying my revenge on him for banning me. Every time my Greek friend made a forum account to spam the admin team’s precious restricted areas, he got banned, but that didn’t stop him from creating new forum accounts and impersonating moderators on the forum. I totally stayed out of it and let him do all the work, so he was the one who got IP banned from the forum. He just reset his router and flipped on a few VPNs though and then laughed at CM Ilcorsaro’s pathetic attempts to stop him. Greek Kid had held a grudge against the Goodgame Empire forum management for a long time, and he was all too happy to make their lives miserable using flaws in the forum system which I had discovered.

Do you by any chance remember back to the old Goodgame Empire forum? It used a Vbulletin forum or something, but someone had successfully penetrated the forum part way by hacking and Goodgame upgraded to a more secure host named Vanilla forums. The irony though is that although Vanilla may be more secure and protected against hackers, the Empire forum still had many security issues, even though they were non-lethal to the system. By now I had also found out how to close any thread, and I was actually rather proud of myself.

But now we get to a deep, dark secret which I discovered on the forum. I found out that any user can see another user’s password and email. I am not saying this to make myself appear powerful. I’m simply stating the awful truth. The Vbulletin forum was closed down by Goodgame because a hacker was trying to get all of the email/passwords linked to game accounts in Empire, yet ironically, here on the new Empire forum, any user can see a game account’s login info. If I was a bad person like CM Ilcorsaro and Loski, then I would just hide my IP address, make a new forum account, and get all of the passwords to every game account. Typing this right now, I suddenly realize that knowing how to get the password to any game account makes me the most powerful player in the entire game, out of all the servers combined.

Well, enough talking about that. I can still proudly say that I was never banned from the Goodgame Empire forum. CM Ilcorsaro only banned me from the Vanilla Goodgame Empire forum. The original one was much better, had a larger community, and was just overall a perfect forum. Do you remember it? I posted in cute pastel colors and used a childish handwritten font in my posts. I always included a smiley face at the end of every post that I made. All three of those things really triggered a couple of communists though, but they had anger issues, as proven by the files about them that the moderator team keeps regarding each user’s warning/infraction history. I’ll pull up their infraction history and screenshot them to you if you want. Some of them things they said were honestly kinda funny. One of them got banned for not liking me and to this day people still cry about CM Evoke being a biased moderator for “banning people just for not liking me,” but to tell you the truth, it’s against the community guidelines to not like me. I had liked the original forum, and I can proudly say that no one banned me from it. I don’t like the new Empire forum though, and I am extremely proud of what I was banned for. I do miss the fact that we can’t choose our post colors/fonts on here. Back on the old forum, people would often include a line at the bottom of their post in the same color as the post’s background so that it would only show up if you highlighted it. That was always fun. The memes and troll threads were hilarious too. That’s why we all used the forum. The old forum was the real Empire forum, not this fake Vanilla forum that is censored 24/7.

The forum went inactive after I was banned. Coolking4716 and other users disappeared. They found a better place to live, rather than rot on the decaying floor of the forum. Many years ago, there was a different cult group led by the notoriously insane Cyclone14 and a rather comical girl who believed that she was a duck. They had created their own forum for all of the mentally off users on the forum, and now, not one of them is here. In a similar way, many of the "us" have also disappeared.

 Cheers to those who have been around long enough to remember what it was like on the forum; thanks for the memories.

~ Emperor Graycat III

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