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8/15/17 I

After I was banned from the forum, I logged into my game account and found myself once again all alone in my alliance’s council chambers. Fleur de Sel was once a beautiful kingdom, but you couldn’t ever relate to me or even begin to understand, so I’ll spare you the details. You’re simply another PvE player living the easy life in some top 10 alliance that you never even worked to build. You only ever picked on weaker players. You simply enjoy farming anyone with less powerpoints than you because you’re a psychopath. That’s alright though. I realized a while ago that this game was designed for narcissistic psychopaths who simply want to feel powerful in their own little imaginary world in this stupid computer game. I realize now that there’s nothing wrong with that.

I opened my alliance and tried recruiting people. The 1st member who ever joined my alliance at the very minute I founded it came back to the game and we became allies. Together we formed an alliance group which was short lived, but while we were together we made shady deals involving several forum users and corrupt alliances. We took down an entire alliance and destroyed them. One of my friends, who lives in Greece, (the same one who I taught how to do a few basic admin things on the forum,) got the passwords to a ton of accounts in an alliance that we were fighting, and he gave some people in our alliance group passwords to the accounts. I declined the offer, as I believe that ever accessing more than one account is against the rules, but others gladly infiltrated the enemy accounts, made them turn rouge, and then trashed the accounts. It was a fun war, but it was bittersweet because one of my corps betrayed our revolution and fled like cowards. They were a large alliance led by a commanding officer who was good friends with me, yet he gave them the command to fall back and turn against us out of pure cowardice. He gained nothing by committing such treachery, and to this day not one of the traitors exists in the game. May the fires of their castle burn higher than the moon every night.

My alliance group split up and we all went separate ways. Every member of every alliance that split from my alliance went to the grave. All of them combined were not even as strong as me. They were too weak to fight against any opponent on their own, and they deserved every fire that was set ablaze in their castle.

Meanwhile, I tried recruiting new members. I had learned from my past mistakes of leading Fleur de Sel, and I wanted to believe that I could restore my empire to its former glory. Many brand new players joined, but as with all novices, almost all of them never logged back in again. I was displeased with that, so I decided to take it out on some alliance in the game. I declared war on 20 fully developed alliances simply because I wanted to fight them, and several were alliances that had previously bullied me in game just because I was a weaker player. I went to war with all of them at once and won each war one by one. You know how I fight if you’ve ever been in an alliance with me. I only snipe offense troops in outposts, I toolburn, I loot the weakest player, etc, etc, and I certainly never spend rubies on anything at all in wars. They begged me for peace and paid tribute. They spent billions of coins, troops, and dollars on trying to fight, until they fell to their knees and sent long poetic messages begging for mercy, and sent tribute offers offering me their alliance funds. Sometimes I accepted tribute from them and then immediately declared war again and told them to keep fighting. I made all of them pay for not helping me. I had planned on doing this for a long time, and now I was truly invincible. I honestly am the top non-ruby buyer on the entire server.

I had sent screenshots of people paying tribute and screenshots of all of my glorious battle reports to all of my friends. I’m not going to post them here. People who post screenshots of battle reports and mentally weak and lack game skill. Anyone can get a good battle report. Regardless of if you win or lose, there’s always a reason for it. If you win, you simple wiped out offense troops or found a weak opponent with no defenses. If you lose, you simply didn’t have any defense troops at your castle. Anyone who can’t take down a hundred thousand troops with nearly no losses is pathetic. All you have to do is either snipe nearby outposts or have a commander that’s stronger than the defender’s castellan. Nonetheless, there will always be egotistical little children who post threads bragging about insignificant battle reports and thinking that they’re something special.

Knowing where the enemy has a ton of offense troops stationed is always of use as well. Every other month, a former Fleur de Sel member usually comes back to the game. I had won their respect and loyalty by posting on the forum and denouncing large alliances who picked on players. They all liked my personality, and so they pledged their undying allegiance to me in hopes of creating a better game world. I will be eternally grateful to some of them, and even though Fleur de Sel has fallen, we are still stronger than ever before.

But after my rampage of shredding up alliances in game after I got banned, I threw GGE aside once again. Just like the forum has become, GGE has become likewise. 

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