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Why glory points are useless

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Glory points are an endless cycle of cost and time.

Glory points supposedly give you benefits. This is a half lie. Viscount, Count, and Count Palatine reduce the cost of bowmen, macemen, and crossbowmen by 30% respectively, but these titles are easy to maintain. In fact, once you get to a high enough level where foreigners and bloodcrows attack you, then you'll get enough glory just from defending against those once a week to maintain those titles. So these titles are impossible to not maintain.

The other titles until Prince all give you coins/rubies or whatever. Then, the title of Prince gives you -30% cost for 2 handed swordmen and King gives you the same for heavy crossbowmen. Neat, right? No, (if you're a lower level player) the coins that you would have wasted trying to get that title would outweigh the reward received for temporarily having that title. Or, if you're a higher level player, again, these are incredibly easy titles to maintain. But... if you're a level 60, 70, or whatever, then you shouldn't be recruiting those troops. Berimond troops are much better. So these titles are again, worthless for any player of any level.

Conqueror and The Terrible unlock kings guard units. But again, Berimond units are much better. If you just loot Berimond towers in the Berimond event or only loot Berimond camps in the main kingdom, then it's easy for a level 70 to get the Berimond title that unlocks these units. If you aren't a level 70? Then you shouldn't be wasting tons of coins and troops on trying to get kings guard units from glory titles either. Again, useless for anyone of any level.

The noble - ok, not a bad title. 100% faster production of tools. Great, but you'll be using those tools on looting players for glory, remember? So you'll be wasting any extra tools that you produce on being able to produce those tools. Eventually starts to cost a pretty penny too in troops, rubies, coins, time and so on. Besides, any decent level 70 can easily buy tools from the armorer and actually loot robber barons or events to help his alliance out.

Steel Hearted - why would anyone seriously waste real money on buying rubies and troops just to get this title and anything above it? All pointless and the real life monetary cost outweighs the benefits of being a player with some evil and cruel title attached to his username.

If you want better troops, loot Berimond towers and camps when you're able to. The Gallantry titles are much better and less costly than glory titles. Goodgame encourages people to wast time and money on glory when you do not benefit at all from it. While there is nothing wrong with this, it is not wise to believe that glory titles will solve all of your problems or make life easier for you.
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