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  • Sure would be nice to get the 27,000 WOF tickets that were stolen from me under the pretense that it is good for the game. I had 3,000 tickets. I was going to get 1000 plays on the wheel. I went to sleep dreaming about those plays. I wake up and BAM! I am only getting 100 plays for the same chinzy prizes. The least they…
  • So this is how they do business in Europe? Why do so many Americans want to be like Europeans? It is atrocious how they would just steal back what you had already earned under there rules. with no warning. If they were going to do it and I knew of it, I would have used the tickets at the current market value and been OK…
  • No compensation for the theft of Wheel tickets? I implore fellow players to boycott the buying of rubies until there is. GGE is not the government with the power to confiscate at will and should feel some obligation to their CUSTOMERS to treat them as such. It is theft - plain and simple. What next? A tax on the coins you…
  • Any word on compensation for Wheel of Fortune ticket theft?
  • Was wondering when we will be compensated for the rather large hit we took on the devaluation of the WOF tickets. I save up 3000 tickets for 1000 pulls and BAM! All of the sudden I now only have 100 pulls and the prizes are pretty much the same as they were before the theft. You all do realize, it is stealing. This is not…
  • will the attack abort and return or will it continue and bounce? after yhe 24 hours that is
  • anybody notice that you can buy charcoal and oil and galss from the merchant? So yes, the ruby buyers continue to have the advantage. you do not have to lose any resources transfering them, just spend rubies and move forward. Anybody think this isn't just a ruby grab by GGE? Bye-Bye. Been feeding these clowns way to long.
  • I would like to thank you all for finally giving me the reason to stop spending money on a foolish game. I have bought my last rubies and if I cannot make things work without them, I'll be saying so long. I'm sure that breaks your heart, but I'm thinking I'm probably not alone.
  • Superdaddy's down for the count. That leaves just the Warhordes at the top of the wussy list. They can't stay in protection forever. Everyday in protection brings the attention of another player, another alliance, another player chomping at the bit for a shot at Number Uno.
  • building honor and then hiding behind protection that you purchase is indeed DIShonorable. Yea it is a war game, so hiding from battles is pretty much an act of cowardice.
  • If they can't code them out of the rankings, let them lose honor at a much accelerated rate - since they are being dishonorable. Maybe 20% per day instead of 2 %.
  • didn't get my play on words, eh. Yea it's superdaddy and warlords. But I like Sugardaddy and Warhoards better. Fits them much better, don't you think?
  • BTW. Should any of the mentioned offenders find this offensive, I'm not going anywhere:)
  • you beat me to it adog420. It is total crap that a 1, 2 or 3 man alliance like Sugardaddy and the Warhoards can rest at the top of the rankings by just purchasing protection. There are plenty of alliances that are active everyday with nearly 60 members - who work hard to keep their average up to remain on top. GGE should…
  • Even partial glory, maybe based on the commander you send with the supporting troops would be in line. You get glory for attacking, glory for being attacked, but nothing for sending your troops into the valley of death.
  • I captured a camp in Beerimond, but my occupying forces appear to be in limbo. Travel time tells me they are 11 hours away and there is no arrow trail. What happened?