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  • lord bassam (ASIA1)

  • WarlordStrider (GB1)
    Why can't anyone ever answer your questions. I asked here and sent a message to support and no answer from either
  • WarlordStrider (GB1)
    Can you suggest to GGE that they change the rewards for the events? They are total crap that the only ones that use them are the lower levels us higher level players have no use for them. Also could they maybe make the fc/bc stronger because dethroning don't even make them any better?
  • Back for fun (GB1)
    I have been playing this game for over seven years and subscribe to three monthly charges already plus spend a small fortune on rubies each month, 
    Having played in the top alliance on the UK server and trying to help make the game fair by taking on the cheats who spoil the game for others 
    The owners of this game have ruined to the point whereby on the rich and bullies can really compete.
    To say you are now going to charge a fee every 60 days or any days to block ads will be the last day I ever play the game that I have enjoyed so much over the seven years.
    Introduce in game advertising to this game will be the death of it (Advertising is my profession)  To then asked us to pay you to stop the ads is the height of contempt for us the players, 
    I for one will vote with my feet and leave the game  when the first add appears. 
    I probably spend $400 per month playing.  12 x 400 = $4800 per year x 7 years = $33,600 and that is just me,
    Multiply that how many people I guessing will leave this game and I say GGE you must have rocks in your head.
    Playing name Back for Fun   will be changed to gone forever.

    PS.  My guess is owners will just as arrogant as they always have been and just dismiss comments like mine.   
  • RevengeEnforcer (US1)
    Leaving the game.  I cannot afford to make purchases to stop these ads.  There is a full 3 second delay when clicking the mouse until it responds.  With these ads running in the back ground it is too frustrating for me to play this game any longer. I truly enjoyed this game but it is not a joy now..    Good luck with you ad agenda. 
  • Tyko (SKN1)

    In-Game Ad is totally ruining this game!

    Please remove those ads immediately!

    • Nimmergedacht (NL1)
      Nimmergedacht (NL1)
      stelletje geldwolven, alles alleen maar geld, geld, geld, nog meer verschillen creeren, maar fatsoenlijke update's ho maar, neem fatsoenlijk personeel aan!!!!!!!!
    • hooftman (NL1)
      hooftman (NL1)
      De hele spel beleving gaat op deze manier naar de knoppen geld geld geld en nog eens geld dat wordt stoppen op deze manier
  • MightyAce1 (GB1)
    In-Game ad launch is probably the last straw for me....I'll give GGE 1 week to remove it or I'll remove myself. Shame I still like the game but the AD's thing has become far too intrusive now.  I come here to play not be bombarded by stupid ads.
  • Poseidon X Angel
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