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breor and you play in my sever is int1

dra2 (INT1)dra2 (INT1) Bejegyzések: 9

Legjobb válasz


  • dra2 (INT1)dra2 (INT1) Bejegyzések: 9
    ok np
  • Tanzim1 (INT1)Tanzim1 (INT1) INT1 Bejegyzések: 163
    Breor (US1) schrieb:
    If you're asking to see if I will come play on International 1, I don't think I could ever have enough time to run three accounts :(
    I have better opinion bro
    Just leave other servers and join int1 

    Hells Bells


    Level 70 Legendary level 21 But Look at the picture :)
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