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Breor (US1)Breor (US1) US1 Bejegyzések: 239
If you have creative video ideas, I'm always open to hearing them. Most of my more-popular videos are those that cover subjects viewers requested, so I figure it's a good idea to address the demands of the audience! :)
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  • The Carnifex (US1)The Carnifex (US1) US1 Bejegyzések: 1,206
    szerkesztette ezt: 11.09.2016
    You could maybe do a vid on ninja/sniper attacks. I'm pretty sure you have not already. Explain what makes a good target, what makes a good comm and the best way to set up for one.

    Like the one in my sig actually.
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  • Taggart (US1)Taggart (US1) US1 Bejegyzések: 548
    You can do an equipment video: show off your comms and casts, how to organise your comms, how to get equipment, the fastest way to get a 90/90, etc.

    I think the 90/90 part would be the most interesting one.

    ^ reached at level 18.
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    I'm the Sandravlc from ye olde days. Been here since 2014...
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  • Graycat (US1)Graycat (US1) Bejegyzések: 9,993
    war documentaries
  • The Carnifex (US1)The Carnifex (US1) US1 Bejegyzések: 1,206
    You could do a video on how different gems apply to comms and casts in different situations.

    For example why in some cases, the fi comm with 3 cy and 1 flank gem can be better then 4 cy gems
    and why wall gems on your cast can be more beneficial then cy gems
    Recruiter @ The Black Flag

  • You can make a video about buildings upgrading priorities. As we all know then you reach lvl. 70 you start reaching new levels very fast and if you are not rubies or super active player you just cant upgrade your buildings which you can upgrade.
  • Tanzim1 (INT1)Tanzim1 (INT1) INT1 Bejegyzések: 163
    Make a video about crafting and items 
    Hells Bells


    Level 70 Legendary level 21 But Look at the picture :)
  • Adventurer32 (US1)Adventurer32 (US1) US1 Bejegyzések: 204
    I think you should make a video as a guide for mid level players, (20-69) as I think that your videos are really helpful but would like more advice for lower levels. I know you sort of made one with zero to hero, but I felt that was more low level, 1-19.

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