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  • Hell no, though I did do a few levels on the test server to check things out.
  • Upgrading it is only for megawhales with nothing else to do.  The return for upgrading it is just not there for the rest of us.
  • As for offers in the mailbox, I don't need the exact same offer with the exact same timer that I can't erase multiple times a day.  Sometimes hours apart, sometimes minutes and sometimes multiple days in a row.
  • Which in the few times I have bothered with support is about 48 hrs for the automated we got your ticket e-mail followed by nothing evermore.  So in reality, the presented timeline is probably very accurate due to the ruby purchase que jump paramete…
  • I know of one player who at one time was keeping 45 or 50 accounts alive in the hopes the original owner would come back.  Not your typical multi for advantage use, but still.... I have also told another that was complaining to me that babysitting …
  • I suggest more guardhouses and a more active/advanced alliance for starters.
  • GGE claims it's fixed in another thread.  That being said, we know their track record and that they don't work weekends so I think you're basically hosed until Monday if it's not working now.
  • Hey Ed ( @"EdMohrmann (US1)" )  One guy holding a rock in his hand while clobbering another upside the head is technology if the other guy doesn't have a rock.  Pretty sure that GGS is the guy WITHOUT the rock(in relative terms).
  • But would you be?  I'm sure richer, but not 24k richer as I'm sure a new car/boat/toy would catch one's eye.  Still all those are better than spending it on pixels.
  • @"Herveus (AU1)" Half of a teacher's income spent on a game is affordable?  Maybe if the teacher lives in their parents basement rent free.  No game is worth 24k Dollars(US, Can, Aus etc)/Euros/Pounds a year.  The old Italian Lira, sur…
  • No, I'm not.  Given the spend I extrapolate that would make even 6-10 rich people poor.  We won't mention the ToS...
  • Every so often something good for the players slips through QA.  Now we know QA at GGE is not very good at their jobs given all the bugs, misspellings and glitches, so it shouldn't be a wonder when something slips through.
  • Based on my experience on the test server tools seem to be the most won item.  Caveat is that I'm not a big wheel of fortune fan as as such my sample size is small(10 spins).
  • I try @"Crom Cruach" but you do represent GGE here and the lines get a little blurred on occasion.  I figure for you too, both on the 'tone' and content of your responses in regards to what/how you would like to say (something) and what GG…
  • Agreed guys. On a note of levity, Rudy-MR on DE1 is either really broke, or rich(or was rich at the beginning) regardless of which currency those rubies are bought in.  I would have thought Rudy would have had enough relic tokens sitting around to …
  • @"Crom Cruach"  Thanks for the answer. I don't think my reaction was extreme given the track record that GGE has regarding answering questions, bugs and feedback from players.  An acknowledgement that you were looking for the answer would…
  • @"Crom Cruach" Nice ignore of my question Crom.   I guess you can give flippant answers but not any of real substance, or any answer you know the players won't like.  That's the coward's way out, or is it GGE's way out? Silly me, I sho…
  • So Dr. Cortex has been replaced? As for the test server, firing it up a friday with new content and then releasing the same content to the main servers the following Monday is not much of a test.  Especially not when you guys don't work on the week…
  • lvl 19 = 200/950 + 9.5hrs lvl 20 = 200/950 + 10 hrs No surprises. We don't need more food in the game.  How many times do we need to tell you this?  There's way too much food for the game balance as it is.  Since you guys don't listen to us, I ass…