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  • Yep! I think thats the case on a lot of servers. All the changes have just about done for the game, but it seems tha GGE has little interest, not sure but it seems an earlier gge version went the same way, so wouldn't be suprised. No way can a company build for and expect losses on this scale
  • would have been sensible to include the last answer in the question, @"flug (NL1)" all the outposted are burning , those who aren't occupied that's impossible would have saved the first 2 answers, from the 3rds Sark !
  • the post is nearly 3 yars old, try with some new topics
  • The mass leaving of players has also affected this forum, many frequent posters have moved on, and GGE's own T&C havn't helped, theres no reason to post anymore, and players know it. Many posts are just repeated questions that go back through the old posts that players don't check. The forum is dying just like the game, I…
  • the post was 2013. !
  • yet it breaches the T&C, and like I said they have no intention of sorting it out, so why not be honest about it and allow multi-accounting within the game. I know they would lose even more players butt as they say, they can afford the losses, and at least it would be straight with players, rather than say we wont allow…
  • the post you are quoting is from 2019, all stats, figures, on leavers, multis etc, are out of the window. I'm not even sure stillfront had taken them over then! The only thing that is wrong even then is the last sentence that they require effort to maintain, many multi's that have any imput or dealings within the game are…
  • That I belive happened some years ago before they were taken over by Stillfront, and when many predicted all this would happen and has !
  • When I looked at the levels at the start of the event, where it shows the possible rewards, it simply showed whatever you chose gave mead troops, so, no bother din't play it anyway. Looking at previous thread of mine re: KL, still happening so wasn't going to waste time. UPDATE. I sent 1 attack on BC before anyone gave a…
  • Unless the game, (in GGe's eyes) was doomed to failure, nothing will be done. They designed it this way to grasp more mony from the players losing the OP's. This is why the biggest shouts from players who want to keep it are many of those doing it. Its easy caps for them, easy money, and I think you would be suprised just…
  • Myself and many, many others have been raising this issue for many years. Its always been shouted down, and many time have included those that actually do it. GGE have had years to sort this problem out, and have chosen to ignore it, if they had done something at the begining, then probably 100's if not more would still be…
  • Any account looked after by another is a Multi, which is what you are complaining about. If you have alliances as you discribe then you already have the same issue as the GB server but have closed your eyes to the facts that they are Multi's. GGE support in theory will be banning all your own Multi's, nice init, especially…
  • Reading your last para I got a bit confused, as you seem to infer that you are a F2P player, yet you cannot be one as in other posts you have stated You have bought rubies and packages which would put you in the P2P camp. A F2P player doesn't buy any offers, rubies, or packages not even in outers.
  • Dont worry about it Mr J. No problem!. Just carry on enjoying yourself, and I hope you like the ongoing changes, and they suit you. You have fun.
  • @"Poseidon X Angel" Things have changed in the past, I am not denying that, I am just saying that this update won't make it any worse. You will go from being able to compete to still not being able to compete. You should really consider the context that things are said in. I am talking about this update and you're using my…
  • That why I only use the word disagree, which I believe I am to, as do many others. I have been a mod before and do know something about the rules and duties of a player mod!. I feel your warning is unecessary as I cannot see any problems with my forum content.
  • You will know that I disagree with para,1, para,2. I will agree with the last as you did help many players with those.
  • @"Poseidon X Angel" it's not going to change the fact that a none spender doesn't stand a chance against a spender in this event. That doesn't change Your infernece is that nothing has changed, but it has, every non buyer and probably not far off every other player will admit that the game has changed, you say it 'doesn't…
  • Your choice Mr J, but with your reasoning your vote was the wrong way around and should be for Mr D. We all have preferances but don't make them so vocal, and my posts have made my position clear on status, belonging. A nudge!, this is the 10th aniversary of the game, and I have been around as well, but playing at…