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  • As always, ggs is putting cosmicaly numbers that all humans can achieve in one month in these events, or the 150k gold coins.
  • Why make the event globally. Just make it for every server. Cuz the top x prizes are not enough lol
  • Check this video out. The guy is playing the event, from brazil server. How is he and his server having acces to it, i have no clue. But looks like a copy of outer event for those new tools that you need to craft the food items.
  • All i want to say is, @"Crom Cruach" please tell to the dev team to not remove the forge prizes from the events. By this i mean "Decoration Catalyst and Fusion Park's and the other fusion elements". Because they're hard to get, ye you get them from League Event or the apprentice shop. But those 2 events aren't enough.…
  • So lemme get this straight, if you made an acc on y8 site on ggs game, you can't log in via ggs main game I.e If yes, then that's..... Time to start a new account or not even that. Play without the relic items lol
  • Septembrie 2019, pana in 2020 mai sunt 4 luni. Schimbarile promiste la ev Insulele Berimondul Straini Corbi Berimondul de pe regate Evenimentele random (cele lunare ex ghimpele). Unde sunt? Unde sunt aceste promisiuni ca vor fi schimbate? De ce sunt adaugate noi chestii in joc si cele vechi sunt uitate? Pe langa ca jocul…
  • To be honest, at this point I gave up on forums too, and finding out what crap they're selling on here since they started with the minecraft stories that nobody understands. I gave up carrying what updates they are rolling out. There is test server, and if you know when is coming, you can see the updates yourself. Anyway,…
  • Merge. Este npc. Doar la straini si corbi rupi protectia
  • i dunno where to leave this comment so i'm just gonna post it here So i just got the best cast hero in the game from league event 64% construction boost and 55 hospital space worth 40 days of work in the event for this hero 10/10 npc stats 
  • Also what does the alliances get in the "alliance tab prize menu" ? Cuz i'm confused
  • Este prea multa munca si codificare pentru a face asa ceva, mi se pare ca e din cauza literelor si a limbi, nu este din cauza jucatorilor. Poti si tu sa ai asa, daca dai sa te conectezi cu facebook-ul pe serverele arabe,japoneze sau alte limbi care nu contin literele normale (alfabetul normal)... Totul tine de codificare,…
    en REALMS Comentario por Kage (ASIA1) 05.08.2019
  • Nu este vina celor de la ggs ca trebuie sa renunte la programul acesta, toate tipurile de browsere vor renunta la programul "Flash", pt ca este un program nesigur, vulnerabil in securitate si este mult mai lent ca HTML5. Va fi eliminat de catre "Adobe", firma software, care a facut programul. Deci toate programele care…
  • Ya don't attack, cuz its not worth attacking at this point in the game, only defending.
Dep de niv. la contul respectiv.
la inceput de luna in fiecare "luna", de pe 1/5, sau dupa intai in fiecare luna. Asa e data pentru evenimentul ala. Doar daca nu a fost schimbat odata cu noua legiune (extensie) a evenimentului.
    en samurai Comentario por Kage (ASIA1) 22.07.2019
Tu joci la Han nu? Sau? Cu noua invazie de la samurici.. tot mai mult uneltele de defensiva sunt necesare. Deci nu e un "echilibru destul de ok". Mai ales ca acum "uneltele de atac is free", toate fermele au acces la ele, si pot sa trimita atacuri.
  • And here comes the question for many alliances from various servers. Is it worth to defend at his point a capital or metro? No.... At least from my point of view, I own a capital and I'll tell you what. Marking the palace is a mistake , just don't build it. Cuz it takes lots of space where you could put a few more…
  • At this point in the game, you' d need to equalize the number of attack troops with defense troops to burn a outpost. That's just from what i've seen on Katamaran's video a long time ago. 50k attack troops for 50k defenders. Those are just horrors and ruby troops. So the balance…