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  • awwww not you again ;)
  • theres also a problem with the sms payment method exactly my problem cheeseman
  • as a lv 43 non-ruby player with quite a bit of honour i am basically the perfect target for lv60+ players with 2000 honour. what i dont understand is that why can players with 2000 honour and lv 60+ attack someone that is 20 lvs lower when i cant attack players with only 500 honour and are the same lv?
  • i think that we need to upgrade the sowrdsmen via research as he has become obsolete
  • i like the sound of beating up alliance members >:) what i want to know is what are the rewards going to be? and is it going to be a one-sided thing where lv 60+ players will only really benefit from it?
  • dealing with this bug is good: 1) players that have about 50000+ coins will be forced to revert to the tax collecter instead of demolishing dwellings and townhouses and getting their income via extreme looting bonuses. 2) players who regulary buy rubies and coins would also not be too powerful as this disadvatages players…
  • Its definately worth it, i got 210 bear bowmen+warriors from all the quests which is the best part. the problem is that when you attack someones camp you wont know if someone is attacking/capturing it, however when capturing a camp it will tell you
  • instead of camps, you could just send your own army to intercept incoming attacks. this way units like swordsmen that are becoming obselete will become more useful as all-rounders will be needed more.
  • I'd like to see paving stones inside the castle that will get better depending on your level.
  • ive seen this before; its a common tactic that the more larger alliances use in wars to cripple large targets. my alliance, the black plague, often pick one player and simultaneousley launch attacks on the main, outposts and other kingdom castles. this quickly and eficiantly stops the player from supporting them self.
  • sorry about this but what do you mean by sharening swords and what is "blue stuff"?
  • the charecter looks like the ruby-bonus architecht he appears from time to time in front of the castle and when you click on him it will say "ive got some new prototypes" and pictures of buildings that require the architech can be seen however they can only be upgraded during the event. so far the only buildings that i…
  • what this "blue stuff" everyone talks aboutand how do you sharpen swords?
  • ive never revealed my password to anyone occasionally i will lose a few troops or gain some and yes, ive already contacted support but these things happen all the time
  • GGS do it to increase the number of ruby-players 1) to get the neccesary resources for marauders in about 2 days via natural production is almost impossible, so players either have to abandon the event or hire overseers. 2) for events like the blade coast and the thorn king to get a substantiale army in the camp resources…
  • ive lost loads of trtoops/tools/rubies but this is probably a bug wierdly though sometimes i log on to see some kingsgaurd that have just appeared
  • food and stone is better in the long run for recruiting loads of troops
  • the rewards vary depending on what leval you are for me (lv41) i get 5 veteren mace and cross at 80 i get 15 tavvelling knights and cross and a epic peice of equipment hopethat helped :)
  • these are the deathl horror troops their numbers increase depending on how high up in the rankings you are, i think you can also get heavy rams in top 50(?) theres also a separate thread with all the troops stats and pictures http://en.board.goodgamestudios.com/empire/showthread.php?39119-Aesthetic-Troop-amp-Tool-Stat-List
  • i know someone in UK1 who hasnt brought rubies yet and he's lv 56 ive only brought about 5000 just to repair and get a bakery + drill ground. its a bit one-sided as im a lv41 with about 1100 honor, and a load of hard-core ruby players with about 10000+ troops attacking me at one time and its almost impossible to fight back
    in Level 60? Comment by zverboya 20.02.2013