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then perhaps lets put it another way :  Most the time players that play events time thier boosts and purchases to co-inside with the events . Most of them diligently plan  a 18 hour or 6 hour  boost for the events and a lot will pur…
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Come to think of it  I have had reports disappear in beri , I run trains on 2  always ,  and occasionly  I lose a report . just noticed  the last 2 days of this event ,  cant recall if it happened before though . 
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Check in "general Discussion "  Please we need more equipment storage "    fyi  this has been brought up many times before . 
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they keep it to remind all those  who dumped rubies into it to upgrade , that theres a sucker born every minute .  and the same reason they made the wof 10 times more exp to use .  because they can . 
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Down side   4 pages dedicated to fusion garbage in the Lotus King long term .. So weather you want it or not your're going to get it .
  • 6mil  to 2 mil  in 2 minutes  last 3 levels  talk about   epar    :/
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happened twice 2 me  once today and once yesterday    3:15 pm mst  today 2018-09-21 says I need to be verified if I come thru the ingame link .
  • Set pieces or sets you have built , should be kept in a separate named storage ie, like  "firecast1" example  then those pieces( sets)  would be taken out of general inventory . Then everytime you get a better piece than the one you have i…
  • be like playing grand turismo , spend a load of cash buying and building  the best car to race the european events .. and just to win the car you just built ,  ta da !!! So its really always good to play the events even if you have extra event com…
  • About the best way to do it  ( with out it escalating )  is just challenge a player from a friendly alliance , if  they agree . then both of you leave your alliance  launch your attacks play the out come , then return to your alliances .  You could …
  • Ive tried using feathers or not , usually if I dont use feathers I get 2 -3 fails before I get a report ,  If I use feathers the fail rate drops off  to like 1 in 10 fails . as far as dissappering reports , its random  but they always show up / dis…
  • It could be fixed , we know  it and gge knows it  and gge knows we know  . They could make it physically impossible to attack some one 10 levels out of your level ,  And the only reason they dont , is because gges whole economy is based on chaos ,  …
  • Its there  , but the coins get added when your troops arrive back at the castle ,   the coins appear and disappear through out the game , but they arrive when your troops arrive at the castles. 
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Player in my alliance continually gets the verify your account pop up , you know verify your email and you will recive 500 rubies .  She has verified her email 30 times , and still has yet to get her rubies and confirmation  , she c…
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All levity aside , form trade relations with castles close to you ,  example  send a food/stone op a load of wood  or a food/wood op a load of stone. Within a short time the castles you have sent to  they start sending wood and ston…
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true and true , the bean counters have taken over the ship ,  for at least the last 2 years , The market stragedy is the same to trap a crow ,  dangle a shiny bauble and the crows will rush to get it everytime , much to the demise o…
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Agreed , but since the great time skip re-alignment , we make exp prodigiously faster than we did before , time skips off set that to an exstent ,  With the new format gge has been doing now releasing fully buffed commander equipmen…
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Agreed  , take your time and build your foundations , make build get your commanders ,do your research .  the realm is littered with ruined level 70s who were ill prepared .  Compete in the events to get the bling . and ask many que…
  • Bean counters have ruined this  game , Its been a long slow spiral down for most players , Over the last couple years every update was to improve the bottom line and not to make a better game , Its still glitchy as ever and pop ups lag continually ,…
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Lvl 70   ... attacking lvl 70   thanks for the input ,  but theres a glitch some where