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  • Hello Poseidon, Fully understood your point. I've removed that signature have a nice day.
  • Hello Vex, To build Barracks level 13 it will cost you 100 Construction Token & 150 Upgrade Tokens yaron
  • Hi DarkChris64, I agree with you. good game studios are "inventing" in new ways for people to spend more rubies. Nowadays the gap between payers with "Strategy" and "$trategy" is getting bigger. yaron
  • Hi. Its simple: when you are using range tools in your attack, you can totally negate the range soldiers on wall. With this, practically, there will be only melee left (you can not negate them) which are weaker in range defendse. This is the reason to attack with range. btw, on "GGE helper" website there is an attack guide…
  • First, I would like to thank you guys, for your useful comments ! I will edit that article to reflect what you said ! You also need to consider that low level non-ruby players need to keep their precious rubies for basic "must" buildings and tasks that are very important at early stages. At higher levels, of course that…
  • why not having the option to use the decoration that we own on Berimod (same way we do in storm) ?
  • Master level is a total waste of time and rubbies. your soldiers have 20% power only from thier regulat (base) power. For example a "deamon horror" which base poer is 185 (melee) will have only 41 melee power on attack screen. This is 22% only. The fact that you do not have a commnader makes the it even harder. I had a…
  • Can someone explain what is the "fusion xp" that is upgraded ? I did not see any change to the PO of the deco. - so what is the point ?
  • People, I must say that gge are a bunch of idiots. To give back a "gift" with 15k attackers, witohut iron mantlets, is very stupid. The "gift" is for themselves... people will have to buy iron mantlets to be able to attack with so many soldeirs, to keep them alive. maybe they are not stupid, but just too gready...
  • There is an "un-fair" calculation of rage points. Example : Lets say the Khan camp is level 86, and you need 1860 rage points. when you keep attacking, sometimes, you get very close to this number (i.e 1840). Now next attack will give 130 points, but since you need only 20 to rage him., you actually lose 110 points, since…
  • After 5th attack, I got in report that all icons are mared with X (attacked) but in the list of attack (i.e.1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) the 5th line is empty. here is a screen shot: https://prnt.sc/hoglfc regards, yaronm
  • Good Game, Bring us back the lucky pennies (!)
  • This is ridiculous. Very short events and requires a lot of work.. its better to know when it starts, especially for healing/recruiting
  • Question; If an OP is not free when one attacks this OP, will he be able to capture after a win ?
  • There are two bugs: 1. The F.C level on the map is correct, (shows as levels 21,24,33 etc.) but when entering the attack all of them shows as level 50. 2. Bug number two is that the distance of all of them is always 50, which is not true (!)