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  • 424 as Total. what means (from report screenshot) 106 (lf) + 216(cntr) + 102 (cy=right flank) it's a BUG of diplay in the report - for defence numbers on an unattacked\ unused wall. i noticed it just in the last nomad event. i just checked out my old (6 days) attack report to a castle - numbers new and incredible
  • write to support as 'tech prob'-'lost', describe that 'my rubies disappear', ask(!) they will check out their records about your rubies since ...what your time was minus hour\2hours.. as CETime and date (type it!) = and it should work --- a-ha, but it's january thread!
    in My Rubys Comment by wertyh3 27.07.2015
  • nice! just found this topic. i explored loot bonus a few months ago, writing down on a paper digits and numbers... indeed with 435 capacity u'll find 12% effect. i sent 4K~8K cap of troops&bags with 10%- 30%~40% loot bonus onto foreigners, real players and barons. and i didnt see the effect of this bonus. barons give just…
  • can you really donate from an island? staying on your island??? some viewing\screening glitches right now.. i cant change simbols on my banner - saw just 'invite friends' above king's markets (i visited the inviting decor before).
  • and this guy is on 70/5 lvl and has a lot objects already *sigh*
  • surprisingly our big DA MANs of this forum keep flooding in ridiculously necessary threads but didnt help to a kid with 2$ for a green apple in his pocket!! this game\program pretends it's for children but little survivors are here, seems, just b*stards!! dre, that are not ways of strategy but you can: * talk to all…
  • unlimited?! not counting in gems and everthing that on 9 commanders and 4 castellans it's JUST 100 (hundred) unused equipments. and would like to have in the equipment form this number = how much free\used slots there.
  • 15k power points - 1500 coins, 20 Siege towers, 20 cast iron mantlet award sounds ridiculous. cant say did i get it or not, 20 more 20 less. a counter while login showed that i have not that 15K still. looking after 4 hours at my power counter i see it lost 50 points - cuz i upgraded a farm and healed 5 or more soldiers???…
  • How about a simply idea kinda that ruby-payers pay for the electricity to a server that you are playing on???
  • there is 10k Power Points: 25 Knights of the Elite Guard, 25 Crossbowmen of the Elite Guard 15K Power Points LEVEL 25k Power Points: 50 Knight of the Elite Guard, 50 Crossbowmen of the Elite Guard btw abot soldiers: ruins with one alive post have 40K power points - all troops it's 80 citizens\militia
  • minus ~60 points. if it's proportion then a very small part.
  • cuz the exact composition of the attacking army is shown in the last 10~5 mins, eh?? no, the next gge pleasant innovation. and no key to delete an unnecessary message in this forum interface.
    in WHY? Comment by wertyh3 22.05.2015
  • Queen lisa and queen Lisa? yep, now they are the one. i know one lady castle sitting from winter on 4lvl. though recently, 3~4 weeks ago, she increased her progress till pathetical 5th!!
  • same here: the recruit form promised time for macemanx5 =1:15 started process asks 2:25 for waiting = it's in one of my post. no wish to try in my main castle. the very first research about troops is made. no 'drill' or etc. tools: 5 ladders in the main castle promise 16:24, takes 16:24. in posts - 1) promises 16:18, takes…
  • i've got the mail with offer - 1 lucky penny - 110 Khan chests My fountain showed 1 penny. i clicked the voucher link in my email, got 'voucher is ok' picture, the game relogins there - i check out the fountain - 2 penny. then i go, overreading this forum thread, to search for my new 110 TABLETS - no add tablets indeed.…
  • but what will be with an equip+gem if i'll give them to Techniqus - he'll upgrade %% on an equip (?), but a gem, will it be destroyed? second silly q - gems are still working just by a chance? aka gem 3 lvl of +500 loot means 3% possibility that it'll work=bring +500?? and another wondering still here - do everyone have on…
    in Questions Comment by wertyh3 10.03.2015
  • not sure what the prob with zoom, but to see my grown castle and guest camps under it, I hold a window of the browser of a square format. if the monitor is old (not enough pixels) it's useless, but browser' scrolling bars are shown then. to see unshown parts of my castle &yard, I press the mouse left key onto an empty…
  • yes, thank you Rosie! (i impatienly wait for usual reply 'It was supposed so')
  • u chained words by dot(s) - it dosnt like it ("is...please") maybe cuz it wanna not u sent urls ("goodgamestudios.com"). i explored in plus some abs usual words it hates too but lost that list. sending emails inside a game is annoying thing, yes (btw, a censor and censorship. Sensor is an another guy)
  • 'dunno guys, on one hand i am a peaceful, even peacemaking, person, give me the Nobel prize; on the other hand I glorious won ..err no.. Russia1, give me a gold military standard or how are fighters celebrated there' (such feeling i did read such text here already) Attachment not found. by my experience * one loot task…