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  • ALSO why in the @#$%* would you send multiple tool burner attacks at the MISC? You have no right to cry, you started this. you picked on the MISC......Ironlord you are the Bully....lol And you got spanked for it. vlaardac
  • I can only speak for My alliance (Nephilim) but i am sure Misc will agree to some of what i am about to say. I got crymail the other day from some alliance we attacked. Here is my reply to that alliance and it seems it maybe needed here too. " how are we bullies? it is increasingly harder for upper level players and…
  • why was the eastern raider taken off the tablet purchase in the nomad tint? 
Sir, I stand corrected. But we both know my response to NZ Raider-Formula post. A lot of time collecting this data was taken, just to take a few salty jabs at us. which we are totally cool with. We understand be one of the top alliances on the USA1 server, we will always have haters out there. T would imagine the top…
  • Hey Bro, You sound salty. Why you mad? Yea we own a majority of the assets on the USA1 server. And Yes we lost some subs for the 3 year long server war.. Here is a walk down memory lane buddy. Remember when, Halloween Night 3years ago the ENTIRE server declared war on us?......... and We Are Still Here kicking butt! Nice…