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  • Thank you for listening, but the Tributes could use some tweaking though! I did not like the rubies being apart of that so you removed the rubies. Now you need to tweak it to where we say how much resource can be given or taken. This would be more viable and fair for all players and discourage abuse. I am still on the…
  • What amazes me also is that the MOD's only address the game mechanics of the update, like its rehearsed, they have been fed what to say. I promise you if the MOD's played this game as it is now with the update they too would be right here pointing out all that is wrong with this update. I don't know how someone can…
  • GGE's intentions are MONEY and LOTS OF IT!!! NOT COOL!!!
  • I have already quit playing! I knew this was going to happen! You see the posts from people who are already in an unwanted war just from doing daily tasks. We the consumers have posted our disgust of these updates and why we want the updates, that we want them disabled. This is why I quit playing, why I disbanded my…
  • Hey Ethan, Do you personally play this game? If you do maybe you should send an attack or failed sabotage! Maybe you need to see for yourself what will happen. Maybe you should join a massively large alliance and all your members send an attack to different alliances. If you the play the game yourself, then you will…
  • OK so you want to review the posts, and make a change to the tributes!!! But we all DO NOT WANT THE UPDATES AT ALL!!!! What part of no do u not understand. I have already stopped playing, disbanded my alliance, and I am never playing this game again. Is this enough of a constructive comment for you. I bought rubies, you…
  • Only 2 responses were made by Steve. Putting rubies as part of the tributes is illegal as the rubies are bought with real money. This is why everyone is upset.
  • The game is alliance warfare. We are still looking into other games as well. Still not surecAW. Playing it today, undecided still.
  • Dang it!!! Well I just threw all my teammates out of our alliance! Me and my two boys and husband are done as of today! I am almost in tears, one of our players is really sick, this game keeps him going. I invited them to another game that we have already started playing. This really sucks!!! GGS I hope your happy!!!
  • Does anyone notice that all the changes that have happened in this game will benefit this new update? The daily tasks, will put you to war if you do them. The ruby quests, looting castles will put you to war if you do them. The whole entire map will be red constantly just from doing something as small as a daily task. The…
  • Yeah that's it my boys left comments here in protest of this update!! We don't support it, we never will and come Sunday we all are no longer playing this game. GGS open your eyes, wake and smell the coffee, get a clue would you!! No one wants this update, NO ONE!!!
  • I am signing on behalf of my alliance City On a Hill!! We do not support this update and will not buy rubies.
  • Is anyone else getting the loyalty bonus thing on there game? If you stay you get a loyalty bonus!!! NO THANKS GGE! I have my morals!!!
  • #Reverse the update!
  • Go get'em those robotic auto generated email replies! Wow!!! Can't even get a real live breathing human to respond! Sad Just sad! sniff sniff
  • The tributes update is bad for one reason-- you buy rubies for your game play, one of your alliance members attacks unsuccessfully, thereby triggering automatic war, the other alliance demands the max 50% tribute of all your rubies to end the war! Are you all getting where I am going with this? Rubies are bought with real…
  • Nice idea but they need to tank the tributes update. They are not listening, they are ignoring all of the protests to the new update. Every server is protesting this update. This stupid update goes into effect Monday morning. Their is more info in the Discussion thread about the update.
  • Oh MsJunie prayers are being prayed. So sorry to hear he is not out of the coma yet! Praying always!!!
  • I have informed my members NOT TO SABO OR ATTACK as it will trigger an automatic war that will only be ended by the demand of resources and RUBIES!!!! That if they partake in the tributes they will be committing a criminal act. If the Rubies were not apart of the tributes them fine, but they are and they are bought with…
  • I really hope GGS is looking at all these protests!!! I really hope you would reconsider this update. Stop being greedy and design for the fun of the game. Its supposed to be fun, this game will not be fun anymore if this updates still goes through on Monday. Oh and this is my last day playing this game. I am appalled at…