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  • Farm Tools!!! LOL last time I checked each and everyone of the crafting items there was only ONE basic crafting item that used farm tools. most usless item in the reward or buy system. Please help me what can "farm tools" be used on other than taking up space thank you Cheers Gar
  • bottom line it cost real life money to fully upgrade a op with rubies buildings and some building to max upgrade cost rubies so each player is taking a chance of losing real life money(rubies) when they build up a op and the op can be taken and what do we call "taking a chance "Gambling" i.e. take risky action in the hope…
  • so these new buildings and upgrades are like strippers and cats you can see them but you can not touch them 
  • They should either run the event or remove it from the Achievements list same with a number of other events still in the Achievements list no run in over a year
  • I hope you are right but GGE does not have a good history on this type of thng thanks Happy Easter
  • How about giving relic building tokens and or relic upgrade tokens and or sceats for Hall something that can be used by the player They seem to like to give troops that most do not want or need at the time 
WOW Karen put down the crack pipe I have been called a lot of things that is a firstif you think that was pro GGE and praise for a job well done I guess I should have used more or at least some cuss words so you knew let me rephrase it for youyes gge blew it big time with this update 50k to join a 6 day event is…
  • if nothing else, outer realms has proven that GGE can and will update and change events. odd how other events that players have asked to be updated or even run again are left out in the cold they stay in the quest book and achievements line items with no way to get the check mark until they are ran again. Outer Realms…
  • true most if not all players will go after lvl 5 over lvl 1 what I have seen over these last few years looking at the map even at the end of the month what I have seen is most players and alliances never push wood and stone to level up either monuments or labs what ever level it is when capped is what it is end of month…
  • I am now being told by some that lvl 1 monuments have always maxed at 9 and lvl 5 is needed to max at lvl 19. this is news to me seems like I have max both before only diff was the starting point. am i wrong? would not be first time, or did they change things 
  • when Outer Realms first started it was a great event, new event, new rewards, brought back the PVP and was a lot of fun I even broke my rule and got rubies for the time skips and equipment. it was worth the time and work to leave the main map and battle for 6 to 8 days, no worries on the fires as it would all wash away…
  • it is not only down under, it is usa too+ I work and have been waiting to get $100.00 worth and never saw this one or the 150, and most times when I log on, only have min's before the %100 is over. This is why they get so low scores over and over on fair play, fair prices, fair offers, so on, because unless you are a 24/7…
  •  Not always true! I keep a close count on coins and battles, and yes there are times when the coins do not show in the battle report (BR), and coins are credited and reflected in the coins total. but there are more times when there are NO coins in BR and ZERO coins credited in the coins total. It is more than just a…
  • there WAS craft items for those two slots, myself and a number of other players, spend the time and cost to first learn the crafting to make, then make lvl 10 items for those two slots, they just "went away" one day and NO word from GGE
  • not true for me, I tried to attack through the espionage report in both everwnter and burning sands, and get the same error message, can not attack for xx days so no daily points for me