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  • wheres the kingdom league rewards from the last kingdom league event
  • kon has the best game money can buy gge may as well just give them the keys to their business gge is not making the game fair for peeps who dont buy mass rubys and definately not looking out for the lil guys ruby whales rule the server thats what gge wants i guess i got one for ya .....move those a-holes to a different…
  • ok gge plz dont put me in gge jail but you have some issues that need attending to.......i lost a crap load of troops due to not being able to move them around and cannot send support either whos going to replace my troops i just won from the outers!!!!!!!!! this game is seriously pissing me off with the dictatorship we…
  • no matter what server your on or what alliance your in or if ya buy rubys or not we all have one thing in common goodgame empire We the people of the game wish to file a complaint with you !!!!!! goodgame empire management The game is losing hundreds of players because of so many problems with the game connectivity and…
  • ok lets get started gge promised less pop ups ........its gotten worse......pop ups interfere with game play goodgame empire plz stop this blowing us up with them plus the specials need to run along the bottom of the screen and NOT UP AND DOWN in the middle of the game screen its interfering with game play 
  • is or does goodgame empire care about addressing important issues ? sure seems like your having issues on your end.......like doing nothing im going to start a petition and when you see the server all sign it maybe then you will listen i will post it on every server you have till we get valid answers i have seen hundreds…
  • come on gge plz read my post and help these specials are right in the middle of the screen going up and down plz move that to run along the bottom of the screen plz and pop ups are worse than ever and are constantly interfering with game play try to play the game yourselves....... log on and start a acct ,,,,,and you will…