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  • same I should have the helm and spear but I have neither ... :/
  • at level 15 had a bc with 4.6k troops ...all that with one wave of attack lol the bc castle was level 17 ..needless to say my pityiful 1 wave attack was ...well not successful ... :/ guess I should have spied first ..
  • WTF... yes I want my top 10 in nomads plus nobility ... and about 10 hours added back on to my booster ... a dismal reproduction of a never ending snafu from gge ... 
yup thats our point.....value over time ...At what point do many of us say its not worth the effort to grind out the events because of the lame cool down introduced . Example say your a working stiff or a student and when nomads comes on and you have to work or be at school , by the time you get on to play your…
 make sure you are consistantly spying from the same castle /op . many times your spys will start from the closest op to your target and if its not a lvl2 op or not your normal op . you will see longer trip times . this maybe your problem :)
 that was my thought gge slipped in a covert speed buff that doesn't show up . from an hour plus warning to 30 minutes is a significant reduction .
I mentioned in the post lvl10 tower . cast has over 60% detection buff.typically the warnings were over an hour and a half . that's why my query .
  • Bang on !!.. perhaps gge could make an equipment set-up tab similar to our castle pre-set set-ups only this time with your equipment , you could have 2-3 cast set ups saved to handle different defences and attacks, the same for your commanders , you could have set ups specifically tailored to your on personnel style . just…
  • look at it this way "fair play " rules were rules hammered out thru much conflict and were designed by the big powers in an effort to maintain a certain peace , a code of conduct , no attacking rvs ,labs ,monuments ,ops etc etc ( unless in time of war ) same with the 10 level rule . By adopting theses so-called fp rules (…
 either way ...rubies as gifts or winnings will be on the decline , wof is but one way to decrease them , re writing rank increases are another , tickets them selves will probably not be affected . GGe has stated this on numerous occasions "pennies" destabilized the game because of the income take away from ruby…
 For the most part a pretty agreeable posting ( for me ) . As far as the events ( long term ) go , lets not for get that gge isn't static , there is always new players coming in that benefit greatly in those events so having them seasonally ( halloween, xmass, thanksgiving or what ever ) probably wont work . Now…
 Shadow I swear you're on gges payroll ....just saying ..
 Exactly.....lets call a spade a spade ..I said the same thing in my post "where from here" ..It is almost like gge expects to gut and run ...First you demolish the economy ..then you begin pay to play .. 
  • well for a moment there , I thought well cripe I'm going to bye some rubys.then I slapped myself 2 years since I bought anything . then I saw the apprentice dude...well I had to slap myself again They actually think that we would trade pennies for a couple wings ? this is a ruthless albeit idiotic attempt to get all the…
  • In the be all end all of things GGe can do what it likes , after all "they " make the rules .What ever logic they proport to use to garner ( player support and loyalty ) is lost in they're constant , pervasive and arbitrary way they make rules, and the unending constant ploy to have us separated from our miserly few…
 I agree Judeling, if there was a low level alliance requirement i.e lvl30 then most the players who started them would have the wherewithal and game knowledge to make a decent go of it , they would have learned from their parent alliance the ins and outs of what it takes to make an alliance work ( for the most part )…
 I disagree , small alliances are needed with out them this game would get stale very fast , it would be a conglomeration of 30-40 large alliances , with no movement and endless backstabbing, crying, name calling, bickering .moaning babys , more so than it is now .hind-sight is 20-20 but apparently there are…