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  • Another update and another round of disappointment. 1. Unable to collect free gifts. Not the first time this has happened. You make new tools that we don't need and then screw up the free gift. Is this intentional? Maybe. 2. Berimond Invasion rewards as well as rewards and equipment items from expired points events are now…
  • Shadow_21 (AU1) Posts: 1,006Member 11.07.2017 actually if you buy the chance of you getting a personal prime goes down...and you have to as many call it "build it back up" you build it back up by not buying, after some time you will start getting 50% bonuses then if you continue not to buy and wait a bit more it will build…
  • I am having the exact same issue as the OP. It started right after the update. Does not matter if I refresh or not. Occurs 98% of the time.
Popeye said...There will be no new research available yet, but this will give you a more in depth view of how you are progressing with your research. The word "yet" tells me future research is on the way.
  • The display glitch has not been fixed because gge has been too busy. I guess that means busy creating new money grabbing updates instead of fixing existing issues. Of the 3 new additions, 2 are money grabbers. The new research tower. New research will undoubtedly cost rubies. We can now "purchase" a pre-built camp. How…