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  • you now have to select just the one wave that you want to make the preset on then the option to save it becomes available. see the piccie enclosed, but yet again another change on the update that wasnt needed and gge failed to tell us about. Hope that helps
  • your lucky Brian, for a lot of us pre sets are bugged and not saving as they should, like you I've found my way around the new screen, dont like it but can use it and usually run with presets to make life easier but last maintenanced messed up too
  • and not a single word from our sponsors since the maintenance created more issues and more bugs today 
  • and yet another dazzling display of how gge can get something so very very wrong the attack screen is now even more bugged showing script not messages oh and sorry but making the silly wave boxes bigger is not solving the fact we cant see all troops that are available in one place at a glance this really shouldnt be this…
  • maintenance just ended and guess what lol the new version of the not fit for purpose attack screen is bugged and worse than ever. is it still april fools day. maintenance was to increase rewards on next nomads a pretty badly disguised ploy to encourage players to spend again, so while doing that blackmail update they slip…
  • it now the fill wave button advice for gge you'd get a far better response to your hotfixes if you gave a guide to what you've changed when you change it, i.e. the autofill button has been removed but the fill wave button performs the same function as autofil 
  • thankyouuuuuuuuuuuuu gge bye bye silly jiggling general and hello a usable comm list thats a start to making the attack screen more user friendly any chance of sorting the most important bit? making it easier to see our actual tools and troops 
  • Same for me Os, a bit intermittent though almost like the bug is ghosting ............spooky
  • congrats to the winners
  • having read what has or hasn't been fixed by gge regarding this disgraceful update, i felt the need to post the flag again to bring this thread to the top of the recent discussion lists again in preparation for tomorrow's downtime and the new bugs and disappointment that will bring. one simple thing to fix would be remove…
  • Poseidon this is not aimed at you, you are a mod and not and employee of Gge with any say in how they deal with issues, I and I'm sure others fully understand that and respect your efforts accordingly. However I do have a serious sense of dej a vue with this mess of an update. this time last year they did an update to the…
  • Since when has gge ever carefully implemented an update and reviewed and reacted to the changes, They carried out this update with a complete disregard for what the players of the game wanted or needed and now they're being told very clearly its the worst thing they could have done to the game they have carefully reviewed…
  • If any part of this ridiculous and not fit for purpose update was to design an attack screen to discourage bot use by the lag it creates and how over complicated it is, I would say it is an epic fail on the part of GGE, as you can see above on the first day of nomads on en1 server the only alliance coming close to looking…
  • having similar issue with pre-sets for all events my usual speedy and reliable method for filling and repeating what should be such simple hits have two pre-sets one with the front wave tooled the other with chests and troops for the back waves.........a simple couple of clicks fill all waves with the chest pre-set then…
  • ok so thankyou gge for your "goodwill bribe" But we still need to know how and when you will resolve the issues, especially when you're going to dump the new attack screen, as things stand your goodwill will probably just be enough for people to get a little close to pre update nomad totals for this invasion as its such…
  • oh and that last hotfix didnt actually fix even the items it was supposed to fix lol now if you use autofils and pre select which waves and flanks you want it to fill you will find that the tick boxes you've selected do now stay on your selection for the next hit but.............hit autofill and it will fill all waves all…
  • So, we've suffered yet another "hotfix" that turns out to be neither hot nor a fix for the real issues with the update.... I dared to dream this one might actually have been gge accepting the attack screen isn't fit for purpose and reverting us to the old one, but hey I've always been an optimist lol pretty soon gge will…