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  • Hello, I've been play this game for over 7 years now, but never got good at this forum so I haven't been on here much. However, there is something that has been bothering me for a long time now. The POP UPS that you have been using all along (but with much more frequency the last couple years) have been interfering with…
  • On the castle overview/ resources overview the storage capacity went back to the default setting of 81,000. The amount that I can store doesn't seem to be affected, just the capacity amount shows the wrong amount from my upgrades, etc. Please correct, Thank you. Paintman
  • We were given folding ladders , cases of tokens and chests of tokens, but they cant be transferred from the main castle. They show up in the castle overview and the attack window, but not in the transfer window. Do we have to attack from main castle in order to use these???
  • This new requirement for off world resources to build buildings that only took wood and stone before is not fair to the lower level players. Its not right that you have to have charcoal and oil to build the hunting lodge (for example). Its bad enough that your required to use a monstrous amount of rubies to upgrade it, but…
  • So you think the map looks better now??? NO WAY... Why do you insist on fixing things that are not broke!!!
  • I think this "fix" to the chat was unnecessary and a poor option, chat worked better before, Why fix something that's not broken?