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  • I'm pretty sure MISC was the one that betrayed KoN/FK. KoN Wouldn't have done war if Misc hadn't forced it. But Misc just wanted to do war. And Misc mainly lasted this long because they also had DT and D8 on their team, and DT is a considerably good alliance. (D8 is pretty good too, deffinately better than Misc... not…
  • Exactly, that's what I'm saying. If you're low level, you certainly shouldn't have to use it if you can't even get it. Different kingdom resources for upgrades should only apply to new buildings in the legend levels
  • This update could be good, but you should majorly decrease the transportation time for charcoal, so we can actually move it around. Either that or each kingdom needs it's own special resource instead of charcoal in all kingdoms. Reminder, you can only get charcoal at lvl 25. Also I'm lvl 55 but I'm building my sands before…
  • Sounds like a good update that shouldn't cost too many rubies. I'm surprised by that, most of the updates recently have been ruby suckers. Of course ruby whales will ruby finish buildings, but since that's not absolutley needed, it still shouldn't cost too many. Looking forward to this update! :)
  • It's KoN obviosly (including their subs) I really wonder how you forgot to put them on your poll.
  • Seriosly, if you're going to post stuff like this, at least use a real name. I seriosly doubt that the inteligent leaders of MISC and KoN, which have gotten us very far in the past few years, would suddenly break apart into bickering. They didn't get to be the leaders of the largest alliances on USA1 for nothing. (BTW, I'm…
  • What was that? I don't see HIVE smiling and warring now. Although, I do see them crying and burning.
  • reconnected! Not sure for how long, though
  • Yes, Everyone on the KoN (huge USA1 alliance) skype chat is having this problem.
  • LOL, nice, but completely true, D8athRegs is on Hive's side, I still can't figure out why they declared war on KoN. (KoN is allied to half the server!)
  • Don't forget KoN!! (Kingdom of Neph) Numbering all our allies/sub-alliance we have about 1500 players!
  • of course alliances have website, that's why this would be useful!