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 Sure. But if we can get some exclusive units only for capital holding alliances that would make the game more interesting. And start up some wars for the capitals as everyone would really love to get those unique units, which is ultimately good for GGS as more people would buy stuff from the shop during wars for the…
You guys don't get the point, do you? What i wrote was to hold a capital
 in green. Capitals in ice, sands and fire let us recruit units which we
 can't recruit without capitals. Only the capital holder alliances can 
recruit those. And i am saying that capital in green doesn't let us 
recruit any…
  • Yes i cant use mine as well some players of my alliance can't use as well.
  • After the new Halloween update i can't seem to spy a target every time i try to spy a target a screen with cogs appear and it freezes needs to refresh the page. Another is that number of time skips we can buy from the silver shop has been increased, i had bought all time skips before the update now after update it shows…
  • Update is good but there are many bugs in the update, i can't seem to spy a target don't know why. Second number of time skip packages are increased, i had already bought the maximum number of time skips before the update now after the update it shows that i can buy more not sold out but i when i buy it gives an error that…
  • Does capitals relocate or new capitals show up on the edge of the population?