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  • loled I was going to say hionmentho noodz but that goes without saying. Would be great if they made ruby pricing/offers the same amount across all servers. 
  • Did a level 20 multi account just accuse me of multi accounting? Thats cute! First, if you did send me a message, I didn't get it . Second, Cgunit was never a TM member. He was a Misc:United member, and was the former owner of that tower before 3b. Oh my gosh plot foiled! If they saw him in ruins, my guess is that they…
  • Not only do they brush over it, and act condescending as if us being upset is wrong...they edit things out because GGE doesn't want to look like thieves. We simply asked for a refund for a known defect that prevented us from playing the game as it was intended. They could have hot-fixed, shut down the purchases,…
  • Well in fact you did not just remove the link I provided people to report GGE to the EU. "Legal Jargon" ...lol more like GGE worried about how they look Jargon and finally having some real consequences. I provided the link because we are all getting the same, copy pasted form letter back from GGE. No actual answers. No…
  • I refrained from posting in this thread, giving GGE time to make things right. From all the years and time I personally have wasted writing in to them, I should have known better. I have been playing since January of 2013.. about to "celebrate" my 7th year playing this game with some people who have become pretty good…
  • I do!?!?! Must be under my penor. 
    in Boobs Comment by mnight (US1) 14.09.2019
  • Its kind of a mess right now, these are some concerns with new and old issues. Update causing resurgence of the cursor problem in many people since the update yesterday. You cant use the boosts on the camps. The comm and the troops vanish for the amt of time for the hit.. but then nothing happens. The defense/tool set up…
  • Why do I always say Furry instead of Fury.. 
  • Some of my toughest and most memorable battles the last war were with you, because we were in such close proximity at my old OPs. There were many nights we woke each other up with short horns lol. I think we have been on opposite sides for the whole time we've been playing. I do hope one day you get to see another side of…
  • I just have to say....Before this started again, we were on our way to being allies once more. I don't want to rehash everything, it has all been laid out here in the forums, but I can't think that this result was worth that one metro. Losing us, losing TU and Asylum. I guess it is what it is, and decisions were made. I…
  • Tempus you're safe... when he first posted, it was "copy righted". Guess we gotta call them TWON tho. Tool Wasters of Neph. 62 tw.. 1 real hit. Nahhh never mind. We can just keep calling them Hypocrites. It fits much better to their daily lives.
  • It's ok.. KoN has AMR5
    in MISC Comment by mnight (US1) 14.05.2019
  • It's hilarious what passes as a KoN member these days. Please tell me that Celtics is sending out his awesome recruitment pm's.. "YOWZA YOUR CASTLE LOOKS SWELL, YOU'RE JUST WHAT THE KINGDOM NEEDS"! 2 more smart people leaving soon. Tick. Tock.
  • Like I told Heart in the last thread (the one that was deleted, where she was droning on and on about how she and KoN are doing great).... that we look forward to watching them spend thousands to save their sinking ship. Hope y'all got those limits increased.. we've only just begun.
  • I think you underestimate peoples general dislike of KoN. If they want your properties, they will have them when you fall. Its the nature of the game. You will be spending the thousands to protect them, and that will be fun to see! Are you actually satisfied? How was the night you played hot potato with the crown? I can…
    in MISC Comment by mnight (US1) 02.05.2019
  • Lmao who do you really think is buying your "lemme try and tell one they are working harder than the other to create tension" nonsense. Why our family works and yours never did.. is because we value every contribution and are in constant communication with each other. Ask Joe.. or any of the others in our family that you…
    in MISC Comment by mnight (US1) 02.05.2019
  • There have been plenty of MISC tears! We cried laughing when: They declared on our friends and thought we wouldn't have their back We pulled for a declare DT declared on us kon2 had its 16-18th merges kon2 collapsed and merged a few into main DT collapsed and merged into KoN Cbee lost his OP a day after DT merged into KoN…
    in MISC Comment by mnight (US1) 02.05.2019
  • We sent gge a list of close to 100 alliances on our war list that are the same way... over a year ago. I wouldn't hold your breath that it will be fixed anytime soon.
  • He will come after you in your sleep.. since no acct on US1. 
  • Honestly we would be more excited if we were listened to for a change. Would be refreshing/10... and perhaps they can work on making html5 work properly before introducing anything else new...since a huge chunk of us are still having to use flash.. that would be the official announcement we would love to hear about. and…