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  • 2 problems with that. 1. This thread should be in the suggestions, praise and criticism part of the forum. 2.There is a board of things not to suggest in the suggestions, praise and criticism part of the forum and female titles is on that board. Sorry for being useless but that is how it is unfortunately.
  • Yeah that is exactly what I am asking. (well that is what I posted in the thread after all...)
  • I know, come on GGS its not much effort for you and would satisfy your customers (kind of)
    in Alliance Comment by minky844 16.12.2013
  • I think it should still become your outpost but if not then It will say "no battle, the outpost is no longer owned by its original owner" Make sure you keep an eye on it s that if it does do that then you can quickly re-launch the capture attack.
  • Probably bears because on UK1 they have won every time I have took part.
  • no its just for the competition so if you are very competitive in this game then get to the top!
  • yeah sounds right to me
  • No it just enhances the power of ruby players. Yes GGS wants that to encourage to buy rubies but non ruby buyers suffer
  • I think its a brilliant idea but needs a tiny bit more developing/re-thinking
  • you can find it I think but its very rare and only in extremely high levelled robber barons/barbarians towers/desert towers/cultist towers.
    in look Comment by minky844 15.12.2013
  • yeah I get what your saying I was just trying to be supportive to the guy who posted the thread
    in Help. Comment by minky844 15.12.2013
  • yeah I completely agree with aidan952
  • yes it is but not if its a whole alliance attack (EG 10 level 70's from the same alliance on 1 level 58 that's is not acceptable in my eyes but most things are in GGS' eyes (unfortunately)) Don't worry I feel your pain. I once tried to take an outpost because it was high levelled and had 0 soldiers in it but I got mass…
  • . Also try and join a strong alliance or at least an alliance so they can support you and attack him back. Once you have been attack then you have a period when you cannot be attack by the same person so take that opportunity to recruit troops and if its really bothering you then buy rubies so you can get the benefits for…
    in Help. Comment by minky844 15.12.2013
  • That is easy for you to say, your not the one getting the attacks and messages. Yeah so contact support and send them the screenshot of the messages
    in Help. Comment by minky844 15.12.2013
  • type up this thread again and post it on the technical problems/bugs part of the forum. contact support aswell. to contact support you- 1. On the top right of your in-game screen there is a question mark. click it. 2. click on the headphones symbol on the bar that will drop down when you click the question mark. 3.Scroll…
  • Yeah didn't think about that.
  • Love the idea, Then if you do choose to execute the person who sent them gets a message saying their spy got executed and the person has to pay money to buy a new spy/ spies depending on how many they sent.
  • get a bakery, food overseer and as Erick said loot it from RBC's/ other players. if you do loot it from other people you can kill off quite a few troops as well lowering your food consumption.
  • So I am level 41 so if I didn't go online for 42 days I would fall into ruins
    in ruins Comment by minky844 15.12.2013