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  • If gge decides that the additional resources needed for building buildings and upgrading them, then it should be empire specific. Coal needed to build in winter, oil needed to build in sands ect.... Needing these resources in other kingdoms to build isn't reasonable. You can only produce so much per hour and to have the…
  • ok, no need for me to rant and rave about the update, you already have plenty of that. I'll just stick to facts.....level 70's should be required to use all kingdom resources for building, no one else should have to. Many people in my alliance are talking about quitting the game, it would be a shame because so many of us…
  • people shoot back at you in halo, noone is shooting back at KON from my alliance.
  • It started as a punishment, it developed into bullying. I get that KON is done building, they have everything so war is the only way to have fun. Very cool, I like it, just do it in an honorable way. What fun is winning a game if it's one sided? Now, If KON would have declared and selected which subs go to war with which…
  • We're all just burning.
  • How do you know when and where rv's are going to spawn in E/W? My alliance has a rule of never stealing an rv weather a player is allianced or not. Any alliance that has a player leave the game gives the rv's to other players in the alliance, so you can never find a player in ruins with rv's hanging. Been looking for an rv…