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  • You didn't answer my question, but whatever. You reach where the bomb is being escorted into the city center. You have 2 hours before it reaches there to destroy it. Right now it is on the outskirts of the jungle, and is in the area of the lost outpost. A ladder hanging down from the side leads to the top, where the safe…
  • So this game has been going on for a while. How many people would like for this to end that are playing the game? Christy: Chose where to send the wolf spirit. Knights are already battling in the south along with the king of wolves.
  • I don't know. This RPG has really lost it's Pazzazz since Gman left. I would be perfectly happy if it went on hold.
  • "We were helping, and we had a good plan to kill them, what were you doing?"
  • I guess I'm going to the pub, might find something good there. I order up a drink and look around for people who look like they might be of help. (RBS, I do not need you to answer unless there is supposed set people I find)
  • The dragon has grown to the size of a four year old. He tugs on your pants. He makes a eating motion with his jaws, and then he puts his hands on his stomach.
  • The spy reaches the city! Wolves, get ready to fight. The Secret weapon is coming from the west, siege towers and a few yet is are coming from the southwest, and mixed troops coming from the south and north.
  • Air I was thinking, but so many people have chosen that... Air still, please.
  • I kill the orc and then yell to Striker as I run towards the colder wind. "We need to lure them so they freeze!"
  • Okay, so now what?
  • Bump Bump Bump
  • The cart is finished. Striker and me (I'm sorry if this counts as controlling another player) and we charge through the crowd of knights and orcs. A arrow hits the top, but doesn't penetrate the surface. Almost all the way out, we hear a jerk, and we can't move anymore. Our blades in front were stuck in a building! We…
  • I wrap my head around the barracks, seeing the orcs running towards the castle. They are being held off by the knights of Basha, but are slowly winning. I dash inside and look around in terms of materials and weapons. I find a wooden box the size of two people, wheels, planks, hammers, nails sticks and two swords. Me and…
  • I make my way up the mountain, aiming at its mouth, eyes and nostrils, I continuously fire arrows when I get the chance.
  • Yeah, but they don't know that. And also, Dragon rider is helping them out.
  • Limey takes his sword and armor and dash into the hallways. Getting behind a barrack, he watches everyone, run out at the sound of the horn. He raises his sword, glistening in the snow, calling for Striker to follow.
  • Scared commander: Hugo First Fast commander: Ketch Mehif Yucan Heavy-weapons commander: Malitle Frend
  • Wow. It seems we have Dragons and Wolves helping each other! Okay. So at the wolf base, you see the aproaching goblin army, even from your location outside of the temple. (Note that the temple is surrounded by trees, But there is a large clearing that has a path through it.)
  • *Sob* *Sob* He was to young... To young...