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  • See "Can't click on Buildings" topic in general discussions.
Next time why do you not get the official answer before spouting off your opinion. See above for the answer from GGE.
  • The following from GGE support Hello kookiekooks, Thank
 you for your message, I was very sorry to hear of the difficulties that
 you've been having. My name is Craig and I'll be helping you with your 
query today. Currently the higher level bakery items are only 
available as event rewards! For Bakery…
Yes mistakes or glitches happen both ways, just seems that more happen in favor of GGE partially because people will complain more about getting the bad end of something than about getting an unexpected bonus
  • Yes it does work the same. my greenhouse produces over 3K in food with PE bonuses.
  • Many of you may find this from Stillfront interesting. Remember Stillfront owns more company than just Goodgams and godgames has more sections than just Empire, but still covers some data reflecting Empire. https://www.stillfront.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Year-End-Report-2018-–-Presentation-B.pdf please note you may…
  • I do not disagree that the rewards should probably be tweak if the event is being kept. They have just done this with the Nobility contest and surprising I have not heard many complaints. So maybe GGS will continue with that trend.
  • You forgot Blades Pirate. But when GGS did stop these events, players started an uproar. Now you want to do away them again. Makes little sense. GGS damned if do and damn if you don't. Everytime GGS tries some of your suggestions the uproar is great they retreat. So instead of blaming GGS (which seems to be the favorite…
  • If you both dispute my findings fine. I stated at the time I did it for people the post their data showing I am wrong. Instead of stating a factless opinion, prove it. It will take a few hours a good recording keeping and some coins but it is not difficult to do. For your information I undertook the study in response to a…
 It has been resolved, Around a year ago, I went through a series of espionage, sabotage and technicus and carefully noted all the results (in excess of 200 hundreds on spies). The averages for the results I got were surprising close to what GGE has published. Graphs of the information were posted in the Forums. Yes…
  • While I agree more notification would be nice, I also realize that some players would take advantage to launch new attacks realizing the defenses would not be changed probably. Therefore a maybe a compromise is needed. I would suggest increasing the notification time slightly maybe to more than 5 minutes, while at same…
  • It all changes Tuesday anyway, so why worry about now and work around until then. Then if the new system needs tweaks push for that.
  • While I agree appearances of castles etc are somewhat a waste of time and energy, GGS has a team of graphic artist separate rom normal programmers. As such I imagine this is an attempt to keep them occupied instead of maybe cross training a couple to handle troubleshooting and correcting errors in the game.
  • Reload the game and hope no more announcements
  • Absolutely amazing, you installed this feature. Use it once to state something about the Winter take off of Reaper's Wrath and you froze up my system. And just giving the title of a new event does not intrigue people.
  • Just what we need is another pop-up type screen
  • I did notice he did not post the numerous tool burning attacks of 32 men against me, or that his alliance has a verbal pact with us that we chose to deal with diplomatically. I do thank TripHammer for his attention to this matter and wish to make clear Harbor Breeze has no problem with the Outlaw alliance
  • Well not quite, the cooldown time does not change until the first time after the reset. So if 12 hours of cooldown are left, you still have wait the 12 hours or spend time skips (or rubies) to eliminate it.
  • Is it on fire or have the plague. Plague is harder to spot at least for me. The only way to handle it to place your mouse pointer over each and every building and decoration and see if says 10% damage or something similar, repair the damage and you should be fine. A pain I know but I do not any other way
  • Sorry to disagree. Your PO and thus PR is affect by fires, so the priority is not what you suggest. First especially with the alliance subscription is to put out all fires that are free to do. In my alliance that 24 minutes or less. Then when on line concentrate on things like food. buildings etc, but overnight repair the…