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  • you can also abandon your outpost under management icon) and pull all tropops from RV. but I do not know of a way to get rid of all kingdom castles
  • Really just contact support and tell them to close the account
Both are contained in the discussion of this update. But as far as being available from tom the Blacksmith and armorer, that was short enough I copied and pasted it here for you Note the author. ; Crom Cruach Posts: 519 Community Manager ›29.08.2019 The Armourer and the Blacksmiths Apprentice will be providing these…
  • It has been stated that they will avialble as rewards for some events also and that you will be able to trade the old (existing ) build materials for the new ones (but may have to add coin also)
  • The new build item materials are to be available from the apprentice Blacksmith, so yes they are probably revamping him to accommodate the new rewards.
You forgot an automatic player to handle things while you are earning money to pay GGE for all the auto things Actually auto-donations iis reasonable but you need to be able to toggle on and off. But it also has to be simple for the programmers.
  • Buy a willow of experience, max it out, and then do a few minor things to increase experience. See how quickly you can advance you might be surprise.
  • First off you have no choice in joining the Kingdom League. Ok you can decide not to do anything to get points, but that means not participating in any of the short term events that provide Kingdom League points. Nomads/no Foreign and Bloodcrow Invasions, no samurais, no Berrrimond. Might just as well put the account under…
  • Keep in mind you can upgrade the items you can build. You can not upgrade items such as Base Food Production Build Item level x but you can upgrade Food production build items level 1-9. Note the word Base in the item name
Last time I checked the three top players both on total might point and on weekly looting received a bonus. This is for the three in every classification, lvl 1-20, 21 to 30 etc and level 70. I never worried about it because while I do get 10-20 million in loot per week I am no where near the top for level 70 players.…
  • there is a limit of 100 rbc's that have been been leveled up. This limited is combined for all kingdoms. It was orignially installed at the start of the game to limit the database size
  • @Lady Twilight Hopefully this will give a side-by-side comparison. Defenders were all flamebeares and Compound bowmen with 100-0-0 100 range on wall. Castlelan was Relic and same 1 for each. On the otherside for the castles all attacks were auto-fill with relice commander of (120 R/ 120 Melee and 60% cY strenght) of course…
  • They are new tokens. I no they will be needed for the new tempoarary alliance bonuses. Because of the change to the samurais made during the Up-date, I am assuming they will be won in that event but not positive.
  • This has been corrected. And GGE fixed the problem. Losing 20K in defenders is important becaUSE IT LEAVES VUNERALBE TO ATTACK. bUT AS YOU CAN SEE FRm the post on updates this morning, I was not the only one.
  • That is my entire premise they are selling a building under false pretenses. A building that can not even be demolished you are stuck with it. This is a criminal offense in many countries. The small number of defensive troops is not the issue it is the lie and deceit. And yes there were 100K defenders there but that was a…
  • Fujiwara, thank you for your response. This means there is no reason to keep residences and no reason for a hospital. Healing soldiers in the hospital is a waste too expensive and time consuming, but the survival bonus made it a consideration, but without the survival bonus it serves no purpose. 
  • First I appreciate your response. And anything I say further is not aimed at you or other BM but rather GGS management. Sorry makes no sense. Also Hospital level does or should make a difference. A level 4 hospital = 5% survival bonus https://i.imgur.com/BloHlbO.png . It maxes at 25% with a level 8 hospital…
  • So far Yes. You can earn them in the KINGDOM League. Through title levels (more if you have a season pass)Th Outer realms for finishing in the top I believe 75000 (or roughly top 25%The Nobility contest. I am sure other ways will be found as we proceed. Both the Kingdom league and Outer realms will also provide some…