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  • First off, Fine the guy attacking has 75000 troops that is great so if a lot are defenders attacking him back is not an option. But defending the attack is definitely possible. He can only send a fraction of his troops to attack you so make a strong stand against the attack. Make attacking you expensive and chances are he…
  • GGS was later than normal in distributing the Beyond the Horizons rewards. It was usually done within an 30 mins of the event end, but did not occur until about 1 hour ago. or almost 12 later than normal. However it should be noted this is well within the time stated by GGS. GGS published time is within 7 days of the event…
  • Is your HOL level 550. My understanding its it needs to be 
An 11 wave attack can be beaten. While maybe not the strongest assault possible we beat one on my main, but at a very cost The attacker lost of 5K in troops while we lost a like some defending. And yes the wall collapsed leaving the troops in the CY as the deciding factor. And yes while I beat the attack I believe GGE…
  • Now we add a second violation and 3rd violation to the terms of use of the forums. posting to a long dead discussion, and posting off-topic. Of course the multiple posts for the same problem still applies.
  • In order not to upset non-Christians, gge has never given gifts on Christmas. They have in the past given out gifts on winter solstice and new years
  • Just like politics which tend to swing from left to right and back again. GGE has always swung from being offensive friendly to being defensive minded. I appreciate that and as new "innovations" are introduced maintaining a balance become more difficult. I would expect a swing towards attacking over the next year.
My members are reporting the same. Makes no difference which kingdom or even Horizons.
  • The cooldown time increases as the amount of attacks you make on it increases until the camp level increases or the deaily rests occur (at about 3:30am CT US) There fore tweaking the 33% to 34% makes little sense.
  • Unfortunately even the scant information being released by GGE is misleading. In the game introduction video (the what is happening item) it state four event alliances (3 20 man event alliances and 1 5 man event alliances assuming a 65 member alliance) But the information released in the forums states 3 -20 man event…
  • I am guessing it the rework of Storm Islands that was tlked about by GGE about a year ago. But that is only a guess. Maybe they might at least give us something in writing for players that can not hear. Cause video shows nothing.
  • The gold and silver will reset after time expires. This means the reward packages will return to a status wheree none were bought. Otherwise there is a limit on some. In additiion has stated the equipment sets in the gold will rotate with the change. The gold and silver coinage not spent will carry-over.
  • Set the number of spies sent to sabotage to the maximum and the damage to minimum (damage is the slide bar). Note the maximum success rate is 90% (10% failure) To sabotage, click on icon to send spy ti castle once you do off the left 1 of the tabs should be a torch. Click on that. It is possible depending on your level or…
Both are needed. Without building you can not support the armies needed to attack either or the events which are just as important as RBC's
  • Yes a player can be suspended or even banned for comments made in alliance chat.
  • First there are Relic commanders good for PvP and for events The same with castellanss. No different then with Unique commanders and castellans. Looking at the relic equipment for a commander. The helmet, the chestplate (armor) and artifact all have three attributes. None of the attributes are PvP or event specific.…
  • An attempt to reduce this is being looked at on the test server. While not apparently affecting alliance rewards it will if not changed and implemented do away with the sudden appearance of troops due to individual rewards. You will earn coins that can be spent at a store like the blacksmith. Remember this is being…
  • GGE has enough problems without trying to change something that is at least working to a degree.