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  • An active player can earn about 30k gold a month so you should have them for every castles in 2 or 3 years. plus you really gotta love the top 100/250 prizes in the LTPE this month. Why couldn't your leave the military district as a top 100 for a few more months?
  • We just had a survey where the overwhelming response had to be our concerns were to get the materials to upgrade the new builds so your response is to add several more builds that are most likely going to need construction tokens. Although I do like the idea of the new district buildings I will hold my comments on the…
  • Another famous vague survey where GGE can interpret the results to their favor. If your listening most are still months out on finishing conservatories even a larger percentage of players will never get enough resources from outer realms to make this update viable for all but a hand full of players. That percentage is even…
    in survey Comment by ken.n (US1) 24.07.2020
  • Has anyone found a browser that works with HTML on the cell phone I have not been able to even type in my log in credentials as the nothing is working. When I am able to get in using Puffin even launching a simple tower hit using presets take several attempts, Chat is impossible.
    in HTML Comment by ken.n (US1) 11.03.2020
  • It would be nice if you put your messages in plain language becuase I do not have a clue what your taking about with the mid evil posts I read it twice and still do not know the event schedule.
  • Outposts and outer realms give bigger advances in food production so I would suggest those first. The appealing feature in my main is the added food storage space which also occurs in all locations you build a green house.
  • I have 5 at level 20 another two that will be maxed by the end of the current outer realms. I have spent $15 on rubies the entire year and spend less than 30 minutes a day in the outer realms. I will admit I spend much to much time in the main game.
  •  I disagree I think we are earning enough tokens to make progress at a fair rate and it can be done with a minimal ruby output. Those of us that built their castles before skips were introduced into the game remember what an achievement is was getting to level 70. It should take another 6 months to finish your builds just…
  • I would just be happy if they took the useless tools out of my storage so I do not need to see them every time I move tools to an OP.
  • Tanner has had 2 different girl friends?
  • The build materials for a top 2500 are not even enough to get the relic greenhouse leveled up to make it worthwhile. Although I do not want to do this outer realms on a continuous basis it looks like I will need to go again next month so I can get enough to make one max relic green house. Since they max out at 300 PO I…
  • How about scrap the update and just rework the randomizer so we see more big targets? If you spy players in the top 20 alliances you will find 5 to 10k defenders or more why does it take over 100 hits to find 1 big target every event?
  • They release this before it was ready. Fix the glitch where if you are attacking any castle the other 9 can not be fortified until that first attack returns.
  • All I saw was every castle under the bird for 7 days and hitting low level rbcs to get wood and stone to start a new castle. What is the actual goal for the event? How about no protectionresources and skips similar to the test serverStart with a partially built campBig troop, tool and commander , cast and tool rewards to…
  • I still can not sell, forge or delete my colossus and horsemen decos yet I am limited to only 50 in storage. 
  • Explain level 70s with mace-men and old bermondi troops? How is it that a shapeshifter and a invader castle are both reflective of live targets yet so vastly different.
  • I think equal amounts of buyers and non-buyers are leaving the game due to boredom of doing the same thing over and over again.Te game was a lot of fun when max armys were 1280m no super comms and no fire casts GGE needs to revamp PVP if they want this came to be worth playing again.
  • HIVE will be back we are just waiting for Wild Bill to put down his beer and lead them back to the glory days,
  •  Some would say set up hits are a form of cheating plus if you PM them it could take all day for them to respond. Man up and just hit your shady targets without warning that is the way the event was supposed to be played.
  • They can return to the alliance as soon as the capture attack lands you do not need to wait the 24 hour occupation time.