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  • Thank you for your response, Herveus. Could somebody from GGE please give us official information? Thank you much for your help.
  • This seems to be the values of the new Desert Sourceress Com from August 3 Update: http://prntscr.com/kluov2 (it has the equipment pieces at different tech steps, added to that the gems, boni for all 9 pieces, and additionally the hero. Since ranged and melee have a cap of 90 for equipment + gems + boni I have applied…
  • It's no bug, the Nomad cast is now available for rubies in the Equipment Trader menu: http://prntscr.com/j9lbhd Total cost: 546,000 rubies I do not see any benefit to us players from transferring the cast from nomad store to equipment trader store. A lot of people have been saving their tablets to purchase this equipment.…
  • RE: Morentz a) Don't think your post belongs in this thread. b) It's easy to hit somebody who is sleeping and where there is not enough time to wake them up to defend properly. Not everybody cheats with password-sharing like your alliance does.
  • Since the introduction of the Elementalist, and the Son of Eagle equipment sets GGE has offered the gems by themselves in special offers. The offers didn't point out these gems are indicated for use on their respective equipment sets only, and that the benefit of the gems will be capped at a later point in time. GGE has…
  • yes, refunding the money spent on purchased gems would be great, however I don't see GGE doing that. They can make money with this upgrade by rendering the existing firecasts useless, and make people spend money to buy L4 firestations instead. That's why I brought up offering opportunities to use the gems the update makes…
  • ang1243 said: "It really depends how you have placed the gems currently, i.e. now you could add 44% fire reduction's worth of gems to a 90/90 -70% loot casty (and therefore have close to the max overall - -50% fire damage -70% loot) and take out some of the attackers along with reducing the loot and damage easily." I don't…