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  • I signed in this morning to find I lost 45 million gold coins. I dont spend much gold but to make some troops I didnt make any yesterday. Didnt donate to the alliance. Last glory event, I didnt have access to my commanders through the entire event. And more. Endless glitches and losses.
  • VPN is a common way of protecting your privacy from entities who gather what you say, what you buy, what your interests are and sell your profile to marketers and gov etc. It is also a valuable tool to fight censorship in tyrannical countries. A game telling you what you can and cannot do to protect your privacy,…
  • No estás solo. Tuve este problema ayer. Estuvo bien por un tiempo esta mañana y dejaron de trabajar. Lo he tenido la mayoría de los días desde la actualización. Rey después de 2 horas. You're not alone. Mine didn't work yesterday, Did for a bit this morning and not working now. They dont work half the time for me. Entire…
  • Yesterday I couldn't change my presets so I signed out. This morning, presets
worked again!!! Two hours later they aren’t
working. I have the max number of
presets. I've had this problem most of the time. I like the new attack screen
overall but I wont play with the broken presets. And then there's the…
  • You gotta wonder what kind of stupid goes on in GGE. Unbelievable.
  • Did they fix anything this morning when they did the unannounced the shutdown? . New obvious bugs show up making it a grind to play. Old bugs remain. Too much clicking and scrolling to set up an attack Still cant change presets. Still says "presets cannot be used for support tools". Still inefficient and too many screens…
  • I have the same problem. I can only access the first 5 rvs in the drop down list. The drop down arrow is greyed out. There is no scrolling. AND...I also only have access to the first 20 commanders when sending support or stationing troops. The arrow is greyed out. I just cant see more comms nor access them. AND... I…
  • Tool slots with no tools do not go away. I have a lot of old slots with nothing in them. I send off tools on waste attacks or sent them to ice. The empty slots are still taking up space. The game mechanics seem very very limited. If they'd spend time on game redundancies and not the stupid cartoons we'd get somewhere. I…
  • NPC bugs since the 'upgrade' 1. Cannot access my commanders above 19 when supporting, hitting NPCs etc. Arrow up is grayed out. Moving 34 comms is not on the table as the process is inefficient and tedious. They all look the same and get lost in the inventory. Cant do forts, move troops free instead of paying 288k coin per…
They pop back up at random levels. 
  • The reputation boost tools are not working. Did 2 level 77's, one with 10% reputation boost, one with non. Both had the same result. All have 200 rep points. I just dont understand why the games roll out full of glitches. No quality control. Or roll out without fixes - like the alliance tourny. They are so incompetent. I…
I really would like to see the scroll bars for spies and alliance members lists. It's carpal tunnel making - that is a serious consideration. I use my left hand to do the repetitive, endless clicking hoping to balance the damage. 
  • My Dailies used to change at midnight ET. Now at 6 pm ET and it shows it will change again at midnight. The alliance smithy doesn't let some players use it for the new dailies as they used it already that day for the previous dailies. It is happening to many. What a mess. Always breaking things that aren't broke. Putting…
There is always a mess with any update, new event, changes. And they cost us and we rarely get compensation. We're missing our dailies, I'm not getting gifts into inventory, another player is not getting their tools into inventory, other issues that we put up with. No quality control, no pre runs of events or…
  • I do not get my gifts in my inventory. I have cleaned my cache, waited many hours, Logged in a few times. I send out a service report. I am missing hundreds. Fully documented with time stamped pics, before and afters. I hope they respond and then hope they reimburse me. They rarely answer my complaints. They are well…
  • I made the comment in bug watch that the players who didn't finish the dailies yesterday have fresh dailies as well as any that did a few after midnight. Those of us who finished dailies yesterday do not have any today. 100 rubies please!
  • Since the big downtime/update Dailies are missing. There are many in our alliance where the dailies 
icon is not there. Seems the players who finished them yesterday didn't
 get them today.
  • Dailies are missing. There are many in our alliance where the dailies icon is not there. Seems the players who finished them yesterday didn't get them today.
 They are making backward decisions and driving us away. More inefficiencies introduced like the 4 clicks to finish instead of 1 10 minute skip finishing a fire or build, 23 1 hour skip instead of one 24 hour. This is carpal tunnel making and slows us way down. Makes it even more tedious. 
  • Well I am disgusted now. No boost, even a useless 3 hour, time limited boost. First couple of alliance prizes for the team are red flags now. 50 red flags! making us crawl around with those. Another under 3 day glory event with poor targets-not sure if it is bad luck or part of making it a challenge for us. I play hard…