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  • I'd love to say snowballs and ice but I cant cope with the snow blindness lol
  • I'm not exactly sure what my private mail to AmazingDrake is suppose to prove, but I know I didn't give permission for it to be posted here. If you would like to know when it was written and what it referred too, it was when AmazingDrake recently went on a rampage of the server and other alliances where asking for help to…
 Robot. A program that help you with the game and deemed cheating
Genuine players will live with a "few" mistakes? How many chances does GGE give before they delete the account? lol I wonder how many genuine players will be impressed then? Working on the assumption if they have been accused once, are they not likely to be accused again?...with no chance of being heard even
  • I think its hilarious. I could have done a better job at spotting the main bot users than GGE has lol. Damn shame for everyone whose been falsely banned because there is loads of them. How to find a bot user....place the servers names in a hat....pull out x amount of names lol
 The difference being DoW wasn't at war. They deliberately jumped into somebody elses war with the idea of joining in. CG declared on DoW to pull your players back to your alliance. You declared on CS with no help from us...Soooo if CS and CG are both already at war with you, how can they be accused of joining in our…
  • You are at war with Crimson Sword and Crimson Guard. How can moving a player from 1 to the other make any difference to you? lol
 Sorry but I'm really not feeling better off. Each new idea seems to make the game less playable. I never have enough coins since they reduced the nomads/sams...nothings gets teched any more....I'm lucky if I can play one or two days out of a 4-5 day event dues to lack of troops or tools..sitting her twiddling my…
 No one has contacted CG at all. This was the first we heard of it
  • Ok. So the situation is... DMH can put a flag on CG's capital first...but CG cant respond by launching on their Metro? Yep thats definately fair play Millwall..or an act of war? http://prntscr.com/ctzs10 http://prntscr.com/ctzs68
  • lmao. has anyone thought it may have been an arranged cap? or fair swap?
 As I said at the start, I dont intend getting drawn into another long winded waste of time with you. I think I have defended enough to show people who is fuelling this saga. If you wish to sue me, attempt to get me banned or have me arrested...I can assure you I will stand by what I have said, posted or mailed. Feel…
For every screenshot you post, several can be posted back as you tend to talk more. Screenshots can be shown out of order and out of context...have a look for one single rude, abusive or nasty mail I have sent you, that is probably the closest you can find lol. I was no longer the official diplomat and on a break…
  • I havn't spoken out on the forum before and I wont be pulled into another continuous. long drawn out waste of time with Himnextdoor. I was the CG diplomat when this whole mess started..it was all covered in the server diplomats room and I don't think one single diplomat there would say I didn't bend over backwards to reach…
  • It's hard to leave feedback when I have been coinless since the nomad mess up. I have managed to hit 10 berimond camps but that made the coin problem worse instead of better and left me with more recruiting and healing I couldn't afford to do. I am a ruby player but I refuse to buy rubies just to use on buying coins I will…