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  • Άμυνα εναντίον κοντινής απόστασης 142 Άμυνα εναντίον μαχητών εμβέλειας 57
  • Already contacted support, I will be waiting for an answer soon. If you have any more ideas, please keep me updated. Thanks.
  • Just to let you know, this isn't a prank. I asked other members in my alliance and 2 players are having the same problem as me. Has any of you experienced this problem before? Is there a way to solve it? Thanks in advance.
  • If you need more info, feel free to check those threads below! https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/comment/5062369#Comment_5062369 https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/365520/new-look-images-for-buildings#latest Hope I helped you. Have a nice day! :smiley:
  • Επίπεδο 1 - 50 Επίπεδο 2 - 100 Επίπεδο 3 - 150 Επίπεδο 4 - 250 Επίπεδο 5 - 400 Επίπεδο 6 - 750 Επίπεδο 7 - 1400 Επίπεδο 8 - 2500 Επίπεδο 9 - 3500 Επίπεδο 10 - 4250 Οι βαθμοί που έχει κάθε επίπεδο δηλώνουν τους συνολικούς βαθμούς φορτίου που θα έχεις ΜΟΝΟ από το συγκεκριμένο πλοίο μετά το χτίσιμό του. Δηλαδή, στην αρχή…
  • Όταν τα χαλάσματα εξαφανιστούν από τον χάρτη, λογικά θα εξαφανιστεί και η συμμαχία (αν όλοι οι λογαριασμοί μέσα σε αυτήν ήταν χαλάσματα), οπότε θα εξαφανιστούν και από την κόκκινη λίστα. Ελπίζω να σε βοήθησα. Καλή συνέχεια! :smiley:
  • Μέχρι στιγμής τα θραύσματα μπορούν να χρησιμοποιηθούν μόνο για να αφαιρέσεις πετράδι από εξοπλισμό κειμηλίου. Στο αγγλικό φόρουμ διάβασα πρόσφατα, ότι πρόκειται με τον καιρό να αυξηθούν οι χρήσεις των θραυσμάτων, πιθανότατα σε κάποια νέα ενημέρωση. Ελπίζω να σε βοήθησα. Καλή συνέχεια! :smiley:
  • Hey Jack, I have the exact same problem the last two days and although I've tried what you did, nothing worked. Today when I logged in again everything was fine. I guess it was a bug that got fixed on its own, so I think you will be alright in a couple of hours or days. The only problem is that you can't collect any duty…
  • Sorry I didn't help but I don't really get what you are talking about. Maybe you should address this to a Community Manager.
  • You can use all Berimond-related items when you attack, so that you get more points (shields etc.) and build decoration items such as banners during the Berimond Invasion. Other than that, there are no other boosts provided. Hope I helped you. Have a nice day! :smiley:
  • Yes, you can edit and upgrade build items using the Construction Yard/Place. You can read the following threads to get some info on how to use already collected/constructed items or how to make a new item or upgrade an already existing item.…
  • Farming tools and sand are used to construct items that enhance some of the buildings in your castle. To use them you need to make sure that you have already built the Construction Yard/Place. Then click on this button to open the menu. The menu should look like this. You can choose the building you want to enhance and you…
  • You are right about that, I obviously forgot that it takes up double space, but I guess this isn't really a disadvantage of a Relic Greenhouse. Anyways, thanks for adding that piece of information over here! Have a nice day! :smiley:
  • You are welcome! Have a nice day! :smiley:
  • You mean an item? Like this? To use items like that one above, you need to have already built the Construction Place, like shown below. To put the item in use, open the menu of the Construction Place, which should look like this. You can choose the castle you want as shown on the top left of the menu. Then you can choose…
  • The architect comes every once in a while (while is a week or so I think, maybe less maybe more) and stays for 1 or 2 days approximately. He is giving you the opportunity to upgrade some buildings to a high level (e.g. House to Level 11 etc.). To do these upgrades you will need to get the amount of items needed in time and…
  • I got mine a few hours ago, so you will also get your own awards soon! Have a nice day! :smiley:
  • You can either pay or attack some Robber Baron Castles. From my own experience, you can get a rare commander when the Barons reach Level 10 or so. But still you are going to need a lot of time to collect it. If you are looking for epic or legendary etc. commanders/castellans, then I think the only solution is to use some…
  • I personally think it's worth it. You can see below the production of a Relic Greenhouse (even on Level 1) is higher and better than that of a Level 30 Granary, while you get more Might Points for building. From Level 11 and on, the Relic Greenhouse gives you the opportunity to store more food (up to 15K extra space),…