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  • That’s a bummer cause a level 4 non ruby moat has a higher % than a level 1 ruby moat and I can’t even afford a level 2 ruby moat. Hopefully GGE considers making turning your moat back to non ruby an option.
  • Is there any way to demolish my moat? I have a ruby level 1 moat but I would like to just go back to a regular non-ruby moat so that I can upgrade it to level 3 and 4 using construction tokens. This seems like a unfair position to be in.
Oh that is great, should save a lot of time, thanks for taking the time to explain. 
  • Wait how do you do it right then? I need some help on this one please.
  • I'm not so sure I like the update with the gold from the kahn shop. It makes it harder to get season points buying gold. 
  • Attacks are too strong. When I stack 200k lvl10 mead defenders in my castle and still lose 20k to an incoming it is just not worth it. So I safehouse my defense. Need to allow for more defense for free to play if you want us to defend these crazy attacks. 
  • Here is what I don’t get. If the stated goal is to prevent hoarding and stockpiling why are they rewarding people that stockpiled tools?
  • I got top 1000 with my alliance but I didn't get a prize. I event put in a customer service request and the person just laughed at me. Beyond Frustrating. This is a terrible event and if you aren't even going to give prizes to people that waste their time playing it then that is just shameful. 
  • A little off topic but it seems like the pricing for the wall build items from the apprentice blacksmith are all out of whack. 20k apprentice tokens for a lvl10 wall build item that I can craft on my own? 30k for a lvl12 that is just marginally better? It is hard for me to believe that this wasn't' some sort of oversight.
  • They ever going to fix the NPC stats on the relic castellans so they count when taunting the Khan?
  • I like the concept of being able to pick out your own equipment or wall build items. What I don't like is them taking away tools. I don't envision doing much of any PvP once I run out of boulders, the assault bridges just slow you down too much to make for a very powerful hit. I get they want people to pay money for tools…