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  • When your wallet and GGS's scam offers hook up, the baby is a look piece.
  • Pretty sure you're the one causing it. You've lost ALL sympathy with your constant reposts of the same thing. @BM_Friedrich Can you have a look at his recent posts? He has like 3 duplicate threads.. Thanks.
  • Unless your issue is related to GGS being greedy cheating dirtballs. Then they miss your email.
  • @BM_Friedrich   Kill it please. @"Cordial Warrior (US1)"   Please refrain from resurrecting long dead threads. Thanks.
  • OK, thanks guys. @BM_Friedrich No longer needed, you may close. Thanks.
  • Just love the people who admit to breaking the T&C.  Are they too stupid to realize what they are saying, or are they just unaware of the T&C.
  • I am currently praying to every god I can think of that you are joking.  Please tell me you are? Because if not.... *facedesk*
My bad, I misread what you said.  Yeah, now I agree with you. Sorry.
YEAH, LETZ TAKE DOWN KON!!! You first though....   EDIT: To all concerned parties: this was sarcasm. Not to be taken seriously. KoN, please don't use me as a mop (again).  Thanks.
    in KON Comment by hge (US1) 22.05.2018
  • Engreesh.   But yeah, GGS doesn't care.  If you get a PM from the player explicitly admitting to multiaccounting, they will ban them.
  • http://prntscr.com/jl30gj http://prntscr.com/jl30mi http://prntscr.com/jl30ry Initial results from the mass on TOWER.  I actually pity that guy.  I crammed my main with def troops before launching my hits, since I knew my troops would be back at 2 …
Yeah, we got about 6 hours of war in lol. Enough for me to kill 20k or so opposition troops and lose 5k.  Got lucky.  But, it never stays quiet for long. :)
    in KON Comment by hge (US1) 22.05.2018
  • Because you were a fricking retard and attacked an OP? I'd hope that they would blow you to kingdom come.  I don't have a hissy fit when someone calls me 'white trash', 'white boy', or anything else.  Man up.
  • OK... Did you just log into someone else's account to post, or did he copy/paste the message you wanted? Also, I'd take the issue up with support.
  • Doesn't go to India, he got sick of the server wars happening once a month.
  • @BM_Friedrich PURGE THEM FROM THE EARTH Thanks.
I think he was pointing out the stupidity of what you said @"KingChampion (ASIA1)" .  They are soldiers. They have bows. They are travelling. Animals live in the wild. Why carry food with them when they can hunt it? EDIT: I was w…
SeverdRemains was fighting with Tuf StuF
    in KON Comment by hge (US1) 22.05.2018
 I'm sorry, but didn't you guys get your asses beat by SK a week or so ago? I seem to remember that...
    in KON Comment by hge (US1) 20.05.2018
  • Yeah, there is. DT, Unnamed, MISC, EG, GK, SK, and SG combined. Maybe. For five hours. I hate KoN, for stuff that happened a long time ago, but they are pretty darn good.
    in KON Comment by hge (US1) 20.05.2018