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  • Its ok to bully in this game , it's part of ggs rules so join in with the bullies and bully someone else. you will feel better and ggs will give you some green equipment free for being a bully
  • Wish for is ggs can finally rid uk server of the cheats in darkbrotherhood Thankful I don't waste loads of money on this game. resolution drink more 
  • Game is fantastic GGS are so nice and friendly they give us everything free and they always crack down on all the cheating in game. so come and play and spend all your money. ggs love money :D
  • game is fuked no one cares in stillfront or gge . waste of time complaining anymore. even with proof about cheating multi accounts nothing is done now. they don't even check now about complaints and they wont read any of this. 1 cheating bully alliance has basically knackered the uk server with it's cheating over past…
  • funny thing is we have a daft alliance uk server who for some reason think they top dogs. but in past they been kicked all over uk server. crimson dark union musks you name it and now when game is coming to its end they think making hundreds of shells dodgy dead accounts buying everything they think they the top alliance…
  • GOODGAMEGREED simple as that 
  • Well I've sent proof of dodgy accounts and these account are still here. never seen a ban for couple years now and we all know who these accounts are run by. people would stay in game if gge or stillfront did something about dodgy accounts and also if they brought all the events up to scratch. we have same crap equipment…
  • load of sh-te simple and not all of us want to be on discord. what is wrong with a message to everyone in game to tell us about it
  • nomads here nomads gone goodgamegreed get nothing right.
  • at end of the day doesn't matter what the top few spend . if the rest of the 80% or 90 % who make up the game leave. this game is will be well and truly f----- :p 
  • So why don't gge get rid of all us peasants and just leave the 10 players who spend all the money seems you and gge don't really need us peasants. 
  • maybe your using donkey's and he is using horses. have you tried moving closer to the tower so you are right next door to it. if none of these and you still get beat to it it's time to give up on it.
  • I think skel is trying to point out the dodgy accounts which pay less for playing on uk server while rest of us pay higher amounts so the game is unfair. if I had a bank account in brazil does that mean I can come to uk and use brazilian money to buy a pint at half the price as english person would having english account.…
  • MODS don't care said it ages ago. they have answers against anything anyone suggests to make the game better. uk server is rotten and no one in GOODGAMEGREED cares or checks these new dodgy accounts , you only have to look at there names and you can see they from a dodgy account. but as MODS say they don't work for ggg so…
  • GOODGAMEGREED is bad no new events just nomads nearly every day. everything is old and tired takes years to freshen it up. multi accounts running wild on uk server and every knows who runs them. they turn a blind eye to all of this because they don't give a Sh-t everyone playing on uk server should be paying same amount…
  • Game is on it's knees has been for while now and gge don't care anymore. they turn blind eye to all the cheating and it's not as if you can't see it. It's so blatant you have to blind and thick not to see it. but gge don't care and that is why people are leaving game. :* 
  • Mood is Sh-t like 99% on uk server . no wonder most are in dove long term and leaving game. game is just getting worse .
  • Game is finished just taking it time to die. they want money nothing else and don't care about players unless you spend fortune. play other games which don't have bunch of di-kheads ruining it for everyone else and a company which just doesn't care about most of the normal players. B)
  • Game been dying for couple years when people complained about dodgy accounts multi accounts. ggs did zero and when they did something they banned one or two players. so we have so many multi accounts on uk server it's unreal now. but gge just sit and do nothing and Mods will say gge does ban all these players. which they…
  • They gave up on players years ago. all you get is offers every day PO items are the worse. one minute 3000k PO next to another new one and every week just more offers. they just taking as much cash of the idiots buying these packs. we all know game is dying a slow painful death and nothing they can or will do to try and…