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that's easy, the weak get weaker because their players leave the game and rather than finding replacement players they opt to try and keep the shell accounts going, thinking just because they are high levelled it makes them somehow as strong as ever...
  • dont GGS get enough money out of us without us recommending ways they can charge us to use something we currently have free access to? @"shadowbird21 (AU1)" you are making yourself public enemy No1 :disappointed: 
  • OK... their maths is wrong... and for that - BAD GGE! HOWEVER, no one is forcing you to buy into the deal. If you think the deal is unfair, you can choose not to buy it. It's like a supermarket telling eggs are half price, because they have gone from 99p to 50p - it isnt true half price and im sure you could kick up one…
  • i have the skype chat room - tend to find its beeping so often from mindless chatter, it becomes useless.
  • you are making a suggestion on the assumption that GGS are interested in making the game fair, and closing the gap between Ruby and non-ruby... i can promise you, they dont.
manipulating game code is against T&C. a program on your PC that can detect the red horn and makes your speakers make a sound as a result... there is no manipulation of GGS, therefore isnt against T&C's. computer would make the audible mark if red pixels appeared in same spot from an alternate source :P how you have…
  • @"CM Arcanine" please close the post which belongs in the "not worth reading" category
    in Idea! Comment by eripme (GB1) 13.04.2016
i have read your idea... and regarding your "linking sister alliances" i refer you to the second sentence at the beginning of your post :)
  • i love your ideas mate... sensible, practical - beneficial for players but at same time not handing it to us on a plate - we still have to work on stuff. and its for that reason i fully believe GGS will not implement.
  • this is a serious suggestion? because feels like should be in the jokes section
    in Idea! Comment by eripme (GB1) 13.04.2016
  • @"CM Arcanine" please look at this post... one of the very few decent suggestions on this forum
  • fantastic... because hitting a wall of 30k support in the big alliances isnt bad enough as it is! lets increase membership so the big alliances get bigger, are even harder to hit as a result... honestly, what could go wrong!
  • worst case scenario, there are simple apps you can download on to your PC that will give you the audible alert seperate from GGS, if you have the game open. :)
 shouldn't encourage wasting your life... this is a game which runs 24/7 (providing GGS devs aren't working anyway)... its a game based on encouraging you to waste your life
 not after math hardwired into your brain... all that's needed is a couple of brain cells, and an understanding of nursery-grade maths skills. if you have that, you don't need a calculator. if you don't have that and/or do need a battle calculator, I'm amazed you were able to even turn your computer on
maybe thats because this a war game? and GGS doesnt recognise "friendly transfers" therefore all op caps to them is some massive battle/achievement which couldnt possibly have been managed without the fighting destroying pretty much everything inside
Are players winning battles now? without a calculator? clearly there is a little more to it than guessing - but again i apologise on behalf of all people that either dont want to use their brain, or dont have one to use at all. 
i really hope you are trying to be funny, rather than just not understanding…
  • a battle calculator... why. just why. Hey why not just hire someone else to log in and do it all for you instead? At what stage does laziness end? this is a game - it requires thought, trial and error, learning... a battle calculator goes completely against the idea of playing a game! everyone wants to cheat, or take short…
  • at least they have clearly really cracked down on it over these two years.... no, wait... they havent
  • Ultra... still a dreamer.... :P