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  • Yeah Sparks but i think that is why the EN1 server is dying. I find that the majority of people leave the game coz of a lack of any action rather than being bullied. Thats why i left the game as you well know. I mean remember there was a period of months we went without a war and when i got tired of it and took it upon…
  • Giving your enemy 15 days notice is a very shrude move. If your goodgame empire career does not work out i definatley think you have a future in the military. Show those sandhurst lot how its done. lol
  • Well its a difficult one. Obviously if you are asking who is the best alliance in EN1 i would have to say Nemesis! my alliance. We play the game as it should be played ''WAR'' we do not go around making friends with every focker and his brother and we do not appreciate other alliances stepping in trying to negotiate peace…
  • To be honest, i think they make a hell of alot of monet through mistakes. This thread had just 4 or 5 posts and it seems all 4 or 5 people have had this happen to them. I too have this happen to me regularly. It seems to happen mostly to me when the server is slow, i attempt to upgrade a building, the server does not…
  • You do not want war. Damn i am sick to the back teeth of game killing alliances like yours who ''do not seek war'' I bet you are one of these alliances that are members of 2 or 3 guilds, a wing of so and so, a sister aliance to such and such and friends with so and so. When are all these noble peace prize nominees leave…
  • Come on guys. Do you know how easy screenshots are to fake? This is so obviously just a brag thread. Screenshots are extreamley easy to fake but are slightly time consuming. This degenerate more than likley has just took the time to fake this screenshot. The reason he does not want to post further shots of set ups ect is…
  • Mmm. This could get naaaasty
  • Oh well, it seems that higher powers have stuck their ores in and requested that the war ends. It certainly wasnt on our part but well done BHT good war. Your 2 best players has gotta be Stinkypinky (a bloody nuisance) and your leader Ripped (great defender)
  • I am a level48, however that dont have any bearing on my complaint. My complaint is that when i use Pyros i expect them to do what is advertised. However i do not notice any greater number of fires in my enemies castle. Also when i have been hit by pyros my fires are usually around 10% damage, same as usual. Really i just…
  • Oh and apologies for the double post but Insult? Cupish you guys sound really offended. Yes i have insulted your alliance, however i am always very careful to keep any insults game based and not personal. After all it is a game and meant as a bit of fun. If you want to take this personal then thats your prerogative but i…
  • Sorry. I didnt get any of that. In English Plz sounds like you been on the bourbon lol
  • You seem to revel in the fact that you could end this war should you call upon all your wings (5 of them, why anyone would need 5 wings is beyond me) but remember who we are pacted with too, remember who our wings and friends are too. We can all throw names around but i personally dont see any honour in involving others in…
  • Ok team nemesis can someone post screenshots of all battles from last night to show the disbelievers that Braveheart are useless. The only reason some of us are burning slightly is that they are continuosly sending saboteurs. That along with attacks on undeveloped castles in desert and fire
  • BraveheartFrightened mass attacked us last night and it really was pathetic. We won around 20 of these attacks and lost just 3 or 4 and all against a ''BIG'' alliance. Mrssegrub i told you you was becoming predictable lol :-)
  • Not so BraveheartTitan we are coming for you
  • Well we are already at war with this alliance. Cant declare war twice lol
  • Well thats exactly what im saying. If you hit someone from an rv within 10 clicks of their castle most alliances will attack and capture that rv
  • Im not sure about USA1 but in EN1 most alliances have a policy that if you sneak attack from an RV that is right next to your target ie, 10 clicks away or less then that alliance will capture the rv you attacked from to eliminate the threat of you attacking from there again. This is because if you own an rv which is just…
  • Most alliances would capture that rv under the 10 clicks rule. You have been warned
  • Cupish this is a war game not musical chairs. Since we been at war with BraveheartFrightened you have been in and out of that alliance 3 times. In the good ol days you'd have been shot for espionage. Anyway we are open to new members but wouldnt take you till our war is over as you could be a plant. No offence.