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  • lol, well, i was a bit too lazy to go back and find how many people have complained about it, didn't think i'd be the only one....
  • I miss the barterer... he was my FAVORITE event, funny though if you look in achievements there's these two http://prntscr.com/7w3qhb just kinda funny, they may say merchant but they were achievements from the barterer, and even if I am wrong about that, how come the merchant no longer has mystery box? either way, pretty…
  • You gotta hit at 4 AM like me... lol, tool wasting bit problem for me, doesn't happen much, think like once or twice, but, for someone who doesn't buy rubies it's pretty sucky... but, it won't be changed...
  • Try moving your castle later at night when less players are online, less chance of someone new starting
  • The wishing well is cool to me.... I'll use it whenever I can.... If pennies can be gotten WITHOUT spending rubies/buying rubies :P Nomads however, Don't like it, I liked the way they use to be, and what's up with taking away mock peasants and turtle ram, and grappling hooks from the nomad shop? My opinion.. put the nomads…
  • The hospital does suck seeing you can't demo it.... And it sucks even worse then it's full of horrors and you just gotta stare at them.... and then let'em go...... Makes me cry every time... should be able to be demoed, stables is a must have, why and you demo that?
  • Okay, I'm soooo glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that the tech don't only take your coins he flips you the bird too!! lmao yeah, lag was for real doe... and title change we'll pretend... @Mis/DT/KoN/GK/others in the server war there you go! :D iz all gude now!! haha
  • I personally find no point in this butt hay, if someone hit you at an op and you had like a ton of horrors there, look! you can get some back! hahaha, and I don't like the new looks of gate/walls/towers, I liked them the way they were, also the new level 70 buildings all have the same texture for each level..... it's kinda…
  • I can't word this in any other way but that I HATE the new update, I do like the newly added buildings and stuff but, it's not fair to lower levels at all and it's a pain to put out fires, this is only going to make more people quit, maybe y'all should start thinking with your heads instead of your wallets. Take away the…
  • I think that would be good, then when you hold a feast you wouldn't lose all your food!
  • There is many ways I myself could say what this new map is..... I cannot see anything... i will need a pear of glasses just to play the game... And is the icons under outposts and resource villages that show what a players rank is within an alliance really needed? You need to make the names under castles a bit more BOLD so…
  • No not again good thing I don't got anything to support with..... :D
  • Will the new update for tool speed be added to higher levels too? I am a level 68 and will never use ruby tools so my army is always slow..... But otherwise I think the new updates are great seeing my account in another server is a low level account :D
  • i hate the new woog cutter level 5-10 change it back! i dont mind the farms though
  • You woud need to sail acrost the watter in the map of the kingdoms so you would need to build a dock. anyone like ?????
  • Maybe a new world that you need to bould a dock at your main castle to get to, so it would be somwhere in map of the kingdoms not just a event..... does anyone think that is a good idea? it would be like everwinter, burning sands, and fire peaks but its for players level 60+.... anyone like? and 1 more outpost in green :D
  • hey i just seen people with 7-8 food rvs and i think they attack like 4 then they send out as meany attacks as they can on the 5th and get up to 8-12 food rvs and it is unfair
  • got the same message from a difrent player and i was wacthing a friends acount he got the same message a guy i know siad to go to support in the fourm i cant find it.
  • i now know what it is the dragon castles in fire peaks get you up to 3k rubies with a good battle
  • so thats how he does it thank you my RBC's are all level 14+ even one's 100 clicks away so his must be level 25+ or somthing thanks alot