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 When customers no longer care enought to complain, they no longer care enought to be a customer.
  • The first decision I have had to make after this disastrous decision by GGE is not to enter outers, its inevitable that you spend money in outers and why should i spend money on a game that I am likely to leave in the next week or two ?
 You may well be right we have a problem at the moment with ruby players from the US server Berri will be a cakewalk for them, and such is the feeling, they may well get their wish and kill the GB server, I wont hang around to watch.
  • This is unacceptable, however I will monitor it for a few days, but if I can only compete in Nomads by spending more than I do already, and no longer at all in Berri as seems likely, my account will go into pro for 2 months, if this is not reversed, thats the end of my time, if anyone has any suggestions for alternative…
  • active player is the clue fock........ 3am nym we dont all spent 24/7 on the game firecast fitted due to war .... u go figure
  • why reliability questionable, its clear you can conceive of the circumstances when an op of a active player can be capped, and my point is clear if u have taken years to build it and spent real money, it should not be possible to cap and its not my op, its a team mates who has now quite the game, why because the server is…
  • bloodcrows and fi are just not working and now the res rewards have been cut whats the point and in 4 events ive had one decent fi ......... why should i bother .......... be warned gge the game is becoming ever more boring think i will just chat from now on and you can forget spending on rubies im not sure if i want to…
  • You need to do something GGe because as each day goes by i feel more like a battery chicken following life,s boring routine get some imagination and give us some real strategy problems to solve not this never ending repetitive routine, we get that in real life, this should be a puzzle and fun but its not.
  • I see the vote is currently a strong majority against the cap, and i voted against, but i also want a fairer game, one where people who spend stupid money do not have such a large advantage, so change needs to evolve but not by the method proposed, gge needs to go back to the drawing board.
  • There is a thing called trust GGe takes years to build minutes to destroy, how can anyone purchase or work hard for anything ever again, when you treat your customers with such contempt you are killing your own business, and it is because of your greed your desire to make the business model produce more and more revenue.…
  • absolute joke you continue in spite of your self serving customer surveys, to display the fact, that you simply have no clue how to handle difficult situations, clear accurate and regular updates are the minimum we should receive. But in line with the rest of your approach to customer care, its something you pretend to do,…
  • a helpful adjustment would be to introduce a alliance legendary level maximum, meaning the total legendary levels could not exceed say 10,000 so whilst players could still play there own games it would spread the strength of alliances much more widely and prevent domination of the server by just 3 or 4 alliances
  • bored out of my brains with bloodcrows do u have any imagination gge
  • good to have it extended but whats the point if like me and a lot of people its frozen and u cannot progress fix it and add the points please
  • same cant attack fi same message this has been goiuing on for days