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  • I know why nothing new in game like that. With all the lockdown rules in Germany there isn't enough in person time for hands on testing to see which new reaming method(cough) -err event will hurt the most. I'm sure we'll get a ton of 'improvements'(one or two which might actually be improvements) once the don't go farther…
  • Yes that would be. :) BTH doesn't have the set up to make that happen and GGE happy. How about some kind of elimination tournament, where you can't buy stuff in the tournament, but can buy your way back in if you lose where the more you lose the more you pay to get back in. Could be interesting.
  • Which kind? The ones on the map you capture. If another player has it, there's likely to be fallout. The private ones you buy. You get the tokens for them in the sam and nomad shops. To actually buy, go to a rv land and hover on the scroll icon in the lower right, and a series of icon will pop up, click on the hut looking…
  • Anybody else notice food production down 5%ish any where you have a build item? Went to bed last night with food doing one thing and today food about 5% less. No change in overseer, or VIP, so what gives? Only thing I can think of is a snuck in tweak with the start of the nomads.
  • They don't as they all seem to have vanished. All reference to them, no tab in the sam tent, no townships, no castles to hit. Other than that, you could hit the castles. Or you could choose a township to defend and invoke an attack on it. When defending you would need to send troops and tools to the township before…
  • Only change I've noticed so far is in the trade boat. I like that change. I haven't looked at the rest or tested/tried anything yet.
  • @"Crom Cruach" I suggest not drinking the Kool-Aide. Especially not at that meeting! If you don't get the Kool-Aide reference, just look up the Jonestown Cult.
  • That's for sure.
  • OR bug/screw up. Look at the points awarded for each task, and then look at what the reward tiers are. I'm sure not what's intended. While you're looking at that, also fix the part that doesn't give out the castellan equipment at payout.
  • @"flug (NL1)" @"Crom Cruach" @"Poseidon X Angel" Flug haven't you figured out that Crom and Poseidon are just the duped fall guys for the GGE brainrust('t' before 'r' omitted on purpose)? Think along the lines of blindfolded dudes before the firing squad(us). ;)
  • @"bucketofsquid (US1)" I understand your point as I'm still around mostly due to the friends I have in the game. Just consider a couple of points: 1)They're quitting anyways. The actual players are, if not the account which just gets passed/sold to some new person. 2)How many of the other 64 members(assuming a full…
  • Another thing the GGE should do, that isn't a rule change but a common sense procedural change: Vary the point/influence collection time as well as the event end time, AND the day of week that the event ends. Why common sense? Not everyone lives on European time and in fact the bulk of the world population can reasonably…
@"Poseidon X Angel" Uh, no. Never happened before, alliance has had more citystates then when that happened AND a few minutes later when the alliance had captured another citystate, while none had the occupation ended, the attack to capture was allowed. Guessing it might have to do with capture travelling counts…
 @"Crom Cruach" Poor wording there. Not clear if one would get 35 million in total refund for those 10 bought tokens, or 350 million in total(35 million for each token bought).
  • What about that space game? The one they actually shut down. Those count too? Does GGE still even update legends of honour? I ask because the last time I looked at it(about a year ago), the last update appeared to be 2yrs before that as I recall.
  • I've found that the unannounced bits are usually takeaways in one way or another....
  • My point about @"Crom Cruach" not making the announcements is still valid. @"Poseidon X Angel" being a volunteer means to me that GGE/Forums are not his top priority, and as such should not be expected to handle announcements in a timely manner by GGE. That should be a GGE employee's duty. I can only say that the…
  • Here's a new one from BTH- this just after the SI update. https://prnt.sc/zpjqx4 That's in reference to the citystate you see just to the left. Other citystates come up the same.
  • BTH really needs a couple of little rule changes. 1)Limit the differential in the number of attacks(successful or not) an alliance can make on any given alliance in a day. 2)Get rid of the influence boosters, or at least make visible to the attacked the amount of the boost. 3)Influence gathering penalty for attacking…
  • Not to mention shutting down BTH, which has no storm component to it. Typical GGE sloppiness at work.