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  • It is called the Golden Rule. Whoever owns the gold makes the rules. In this case rubies. I have also noticed that it is very disproportionate ie. It takes a lot of rubies to buy a few res. If they reverse the purchases maybe even more so!
  • All input is valuable. I would just try and make it more true to life with something valuable to learn, but that is me.
  • I should add that all input is valuable, but they are only ideas until tried :)
  • Improved gameplay is the point. Like I said, I don't know if it would work, but it could be tested on an exclusive game even being on an exclusive server, maybe even a paid for game with real money prizes. Then there is a real reason for playing oth…
  • Indeed and I hinted at that :), but I believe it would actually increase purchase of rubies because they could be exchanged with a high rate as you said, but they would have more intrinsic value. I would imagine they could also introduce real money …
  • In the real world if I handed someone enough gold, I am sure they would sell me their rubies regardless of the times. Rubies being the premium not only in value, weight and size they could be used as a faster means of transport. In other words if I …
  • What is the game economy if it is false? In the real world I would be able to use any of my resources to buy and trade with anyone willing to accept what I have to trade. Now of course this is a game and not real world anyway, but wouldn't it be nic…
  • I can only laugh, so right you are!