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  • Great post my man hope you are having fun again in this game. I lost it but got it back again when I was independent and been having fun since
  • Have you not seen the thread?
  • There is a thread on the first page saying please support torcherors
  • I havent been on the forums for but now I have seen multiple threads just asking people to join torcherors, kon will control the server, and kon is bad. Isnt it tiring to keep saying the same damn thing for months?
  • Then why would Kon show what alliances that gave up from your side and your side had spoke about Kon alliances of giving up but never was presented?
  • Life can really be chit sometimes. Good luck with your life man
  • The thing is in the beginning of the war there were many alliance on the Misc side as well with DT being the second largest alliance with strong subs to back them up and Misc United having some strong subs as well. However, only one side is really at the edge with 4 alliances that were the main alliances(with crazy ones…
  • LOL we are saying the same thing here with what happened between them. I'm not sure about how the play doh pictures were meant to say that it was fake, but I don't think that's the issue here. I'm pretty sure that is what they only study for for years as only then you can can become a lawyer. Different states have…
    in Gge bias Comment by Zedd4 18.08.2015
  • That's what I meant she said Heartnoir called her irl and called her a psycho. And you seem pretty sure that she only got one warning before, are you getting this straight from Abbie? Actually I remember the photo as well I thought it wasn't right to link people from a terrorist organisation to a game. I don't know about…
    in Gge bias Comment by Zedd4 18.08.2015
  • I think Serry, Morentz, PJ, and Geoloop are all GGE. They decided to create the huge server war for fun and see how long it would go haha
  • I mean Abbie did accuse Heartnoir that she was the one who called her irl and called her psycho. As for the mail, it seemed like Abbie was warned before. Maybe Heart got only a warning. And also the post you mentioned when Heart talked about the bar exam. Manatee said in that same thread that he knew about it too and…
    in Gge bias Comment by Zedd4 18.08.2015
  • I have been on the block too long lol dealt with Misc and Kon for years. I think they are both losing because even though they both have all the power points, the strength they once had is gone. DT used to be the second biggest alliance and now has one sub left. The significant loss of strength can be said of all the…
  • Great post. It really shows who is winning when you look at who wants to talk and is angry most of the time. If you are really winning, there is no point to convince indys that you are fighting for them and try to convince them to join. If you are winning just win then.
  • My crappy maths says its amazing
  • You can't deny the fact that for Negan and Trollins didn't stop attacking though lol
  • Well I can divorce Smack then but Im not sure you want him on you haha
  • Woah! Woah! You told me in private I was :(
  • Not sure what you are referring to
  • Well the circumstances were the same. Hive subs would try to get out of the war and Misc wouldn't respond to peace proposals or anything even if they didn't hit them in months. Seems the same to me.
  • It could be because of that true or it could be for something else. For example it was really hard for Hive subs to get a responce from MISC to grant peace when they wanted to leave the war. Maybe you can ask them why they didn't grant peace and maybe it could provide some insight of why Kon won't now.