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 No cookies means that Google doesn't know you're an adult gamer. From their point of view, you might as well be a 5 year old kid with high interest in pepper pig. :-þ Last ad I saw before I removed them was for that GGS farm game. Forgot what it's called exactly.
 You can still collect points beyond the last reward. The ranking is based on the amount of points, not on the amount of tickets.
  • I just discovered that the white ad bar on the right magically disappears when the browser window is at half width. (The game is not worth my full attention anymore, so I usually do some reading or writing in the left half of my screen and have the game open in the other half.)
  • The event doesn't reset. Only the shop (where you can spend the tickets) resets once a week or so.
 Those are spare towers. You get them when your castle wall has more corners than upgradable towers. They will eventually resolve to normal towers when you add more wall extensions.
  • @"Justinlegoboy (US1)" Just click on the second flag to see the formula. The formula doesn't change after you reach the last reward.
 Was ist denn das fürn Unsinn?! Lieber Nine, glaube bitte nicht alles was Support dir erzählt... Jeder fängt auch in der AW/WW an mit Level 11! Da wurde niemand bestraft dafür, dass ihr Level höher sei.
    in W W Comment by Wiglema (NL1) 08.08.2021
 The attacker spends 1 minute to set up the attack. The defender's job for the next 1 week is to put out the fires. During that time, nothing can be built in that castle. I sense a slight imbalance here and there... What if the attacker would need 1 week to set up the attack and the defender would need 1 minute to put…
Thanks, that would make more sense. Please double check. 
There is a screenshot in the other thread: https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/382754/how-to-get-this-new-look-item I don't know what other effects it has, I'll ask my teammates. Or maybe someone else (a mod perhaps?) knows it.
    in Gift Comment by Wiglema (NL1) 01.08.2021
  • It only works if the resources are accepted by the other castle, not if they don't have space for it. Best is to try and send to someone's outpost a resource that is not produced there, e.g. a stone to a wood outpost, or a cart with 1 stone, 1 wood and 1 food to any outpost, to increase your chances.
 Thanks for the answer, Poseidon. So that means it's only for those players that were already in the game before it was launched...
    in Gift Comment by Wiglema (NL1) 30.07.2021
  • Some players received this look item in a gift box, together with a powerful deco and a season event booster. See also https://community.goodgamestudios.com/empire/en/discussion/382752/gift
 Not yet expired; it appeared (for some people, not for me) on yesterday, and could still be claimed for 1.8 days in that screenshot from last night, so it should still be claimable till tomorrow morning at least. However, I (and some others) didn't get this gift yesterday and I didn't get it today. I'm sure I didn't…
    in Gift Comment by Wiglema (NL1) 30.07.2021
  • 10 RR angreifen gibt aber immer noch 10 alte Teile. Nur das 11. Teil is mit diesem Update zersplittert worden.
 Thanks for the update notes. For a content update it isn't much, I'd say... it's just a (little) bit of reshuffling of existing content IMO. Anyway, to the specifics: 
Contrary to GGS's believe of its popularity, I believe that it's not a popular quest at all; it's just a by-product of farming RBCs. Anyway, this…
  • Laut CM im EN Forum wird Support die fehlenden Belohnungen automatisch gutschreiben. Irgendwann.
 The waste of time bug is just a visual glitch in the forum. We're still (wasting time) dealing with in-game bugs (or "features") and complain about them in the in-game chat, where some people still pay attention (just the few that haven't stopped playing yet) and are actually able to reproduce the bugs, something the…
  • Another illustration how obsolete some parts of the game have become..., the best deco in the building menu gives only 270 po and costs 66k rubies. The amount of public order alone doesn't make sense at all anymore, and the price is just ridiculous, especially if you can get 2500 po for just 10k rubies (but where... I…
 Final result is calculated at 2:00am UK time, at which time the points collected after 11:30pm are once more carried over to the capital. And as Poseidon said, you'll find the final rankings here:
 Is this you? The final ranking is made when the event ends, so your rank can still drop if your capital is defeated and your rank can still go up if you collect influence in the last few hours.