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  • The loot capacity is identical to the vet counterparts. The reason they are good for looting is because they are much faster and can be recruited incredibly quickly. Regardless, this isn't an discussion about which is better. The suggestion is that you should have the option to recruit both if you want to and I support…
  • I would like to hear the experiences of players from other servers on this? As for UK server, this doesn't engender war at all.. It instead leads to two or three days of leaders having to smooth things over after a pointless loss of troops. Simply put, this isn't fun for anyone at all. Would fixing this be a big loss?
  • This is disingenuous and you know it. You play the game. You are aware of how easy or difficult any event is. Nomads has always somewhat paid for itself. It doesn't take much to work out that reducing ranged defence now requires either picking up tools from somewhere else or by paying rubies. As Reblousou has already…
  • You don't have much to say for yourself do you?
  • No, first melee and ranged bonuses are worked out giving you a base strength for the soldier and then wall, moat and gate are worked out as a percentage of that base and added on. There is no exponential increase... if there was attacking would be impossible.
  • This. Take the hit to your honour and burn them.
  • When did the forum get overtaken with flies?
  • I don't dispute anything that you are saying Daniel. However, Batten appears to be right. Picking up JUST the last piece for the last 3 TKs has been significantly harder. This could of course just be coincidence but I've spoken to a number of people who have complained of the same thing independently. Anyway, it's a little…
  • I think it is more nuanced than simply getting better or worse. It is getting different. A number of the latest updates have improved the the playability of the game, the help all button springs to mind as something that has made the direct interaction with the game "better". On the other hand, it seems that the game is…
  • Genius. I support this :D
  • I think he means the combined bonuses of equipment shown for each commander, to the left of the com's equipment. Only bit I can see that's black on dark brown. Personally I can read it fine but I could imagine it being difficult for some. Unfortunately I don't see GGS changing it.
  • Yup, and they didn't even had a maintenance screen. Just repeatedly sharpening swords.
  • No, your OPs should support vastly more troops as you should have workload for lots more farms and a whole lot more available space for boosting PO. That said, I've found that any decos I've received as a reward CAN be placed in your OPs. Is this just a weird problem they've put in with the pond?
  • It's from an offer. He still needs to feed them but the offer comes with a stack of food as well that will keep them going for a little while. At lvl 17, unless he has an alliance that is happy to continuously feed them for him he wont be able to keep them for long.. just put him on your list and wait for him to starve ;)
  • Take down wall defence for melee. Reducing ranged defence takes out the defence of ranged soldiers, not the ranged defence of all soldiers. In the case of all ranged defenders, take out ranged defence as the wall bonus wont provide them any bonus if their strength is reduced to 0.
  • I'm probably just being slow at the time of night but I don't see how there should be a multiplication with wood/stone. One is an increase and one is a decrease. If I had the numbers I could check but don't have a lodge in the outer kingdoms for now so can't.
  • It's the same as all percent bonuses work in Empire. As a percentage of the base. Admittedly they're not particularly clear explaining it but to be fair I think gaining exponential bonuses would become a little insane.
  • The first is boosted by other stuff though. So, assuming you have a productivity of about 259 point something and an olive press the maths is dead on.
  • I can imagine that the change to the rewards for foreign invasion will not be appreciated by many, a lot of people like the troops you get from it. I am also slightly wary of any stealth changes that might be made along with altering the prizes. But hey, will have to wait and see. Concerning the early entry to Ice. I am…
  • I was going to go with he's an idiot or a troll.. but you said it well enough :)